Family of Michael Jackson denounces “public lynching” in new documentary

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The family of the deceased pop star Michael Jackson, is not to speak about the documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’, at the Sundance film festival in world premiere, is gone. The family members do the film, in which the allegations of sexual abuse of minors again be covered as a “public lynching”.

The four hour long ‘Leaving Neverland’, produced and directed by Dan Reed, describes how the famous pop singer long sexual relationship began with the two boys, who at the beginning of those relationships-a mere seven and ten years old. The couple, now advanced in their thirties, stating that they by the pop star sexually abused and tells the story of how she, years later, with that experience interacted. The ‘Neverland’ in the title refers to the ranch in California’s Santa Barbara County, where Jackson lived from 1998 to 2003.

The very first screening of the film took Friday, place at the American Sundance film festival and sparked a lot of outrage. A lot of viewers were using social media websites fend off that they geschandaliseerd were, and she no longer believed in the innocence of the ‘King of Pop’.

“Michael has always had the other cheek turned, and we always have the other cheek turned away when people in our family attacked. That’s how it goes at the Jacksons”, so does the family. “But we can’t continue to watch if this public lynching takes place,” states their announcement. “Michael is not here anymore to defend himself. Otherwise, these accusations are not expressed.”

Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, fifty years old, to a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol. The singer, dancer and songwriter was in the past, been repeatedly associated with child abuse. In 2003, fed agents, a search of ‘Neverland’, after a then thirteen year old boy him accused of sexual assault. In 2005, Jackson was ultimately of all complaints acquitted. A case from 1993, submitted by a at the time of the facts, also 13-year-old boy, was extrajudicially settled by Jackson 23 million dollar ophoestte.

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