Dead and injured in avalanche in Les Deux Alpes

55bfc299496225822fd6b784718e19c3 - Dead and injured in avalanche in Les Deux Alpes

In an avalanche in the French ski resort of Les Deux Alpes are one dead and one seriously injured cases. This is reported by the mountain rescue. The skiers were off piste skiing.

A witness warned shortly before noon, the emergency services, who uitrukten with about thirty men, including four teams with sniffer dogs, and two helicopters.

An hour later, the first victim under the snow was found, that later died. Afterwards, it was also the second victim, which was equipped with a lawinedetector, found. The woman had a cardiac arrest, but rescuers could her cpr. She was in critical condition with the helicopter transferred to the hospital.

In total, nine people in addition to the piste skiing at the site of the avalanche.

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