Comeback of The Dude from ‘The Big Lebowski’ is a commercial of Stella Artois

ee6f8ebd06c7405102f9a05c14cce1e9 - Comeback of The Dude from 'The Big Lebowski' is a commercial of Stella Artois

Anticlimax for the fans of the legendary character The Dude from the Coen-classic ‘The Big Lebowski’, played by Jeff Bridges: when Jeffrey Lebowski a few days ago appeared in a short film on Twitter has been abuzz of rumours about a full-fledged comeback, but his appearance was merely a gimmick for a Super Bowl commercial from Stella Artois, as it now appears.

“Can’t be living in the past, man. Stay Tuned,” wrote Bridges among the 15 seconds short video. Just a few seconds we saw – the now gray – Jeff Lebowski in the frame, with a short laugh. Then we see the date February 3, 2019 appear in the image. Enough to be a real rumor mill in motion.

However, were directors Joel and Ethan Coen already in 2016 in an interview with Variety means that there is no sequel comes on their succesfilm from 1998. The hope of the fans proved quickly vain, for the return of The Dude is limited to a commercial for Stella Artois. That became clear after The Dude a new film, had tweeted, this time for 45 seconds, in which “Sex and the City’star Sarah Jessica Parker in the skin of her character Carrie Bradshaw a Stella order in a bar and The Dude suddenly walk into.

The Super Bowl – the final of the American football, one of the most watched tv broadcasts of the year in the United States – is in addition to the sporting element is also known for the long reclamepauze, in which advertisers for big money invariably of their most creative side to show. To that commercial and the halftime show by the tv audience also eagerly awaited.

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