Christian Asia Bibi should Pakistan still leave

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The Pakistani supreme court has the petition against the release of Asia Bibi, a christian woman from Pakistan, in addition to resigned themselves. The woman was sentenced to the death penalty, and was already eight years in the cell, but was recently acquitted of blasphemy. Against that decision came a lot of protest, but they should now leave the country.

Bibi was eight years in the death row, because after a discussion on a glass of water on a farm, the prophet Muhammad would have offended. It was in October last year acquitted by the Pakistani supreme court, but her release led to protest in radical islamic circles. In some places, even to riots.

There was a petition drawn up that the supreme court asked for her release to review, but that question is not discussed. “The petition is rejected,” said Asif Saeed Khosar, head of the legal team in the courtroom.

The woman stay since the decision with her family at a secret location, because radical islamic opponents of her had threatened with death.

Last week, it became clear that Bibi’s daughters to Canada have fled, one of the many countries that the family help offered. Australia, Spain and France had done so. The lawyer of Bibi was after the sentence, immediately fled to the Netherlands, because he feared for his life. “In the current scenario, it is for me not possible to in Pakistan to life,” he said. “I should remain alive because I am the legal battle must continue for Asia Bibi.’

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