British supermarkets: “Fewer products in racks with no deal-Brexit’

4b38c903125a32dee1cf483b48cfa5a8 - British supermarkets: "Fewer products in racks with no deal-Brexit’

The largest supermarket chains and fastfoodbedrijven in the United Kingdom to warn British politicians that food prices will rise, and supermarkets are less filled will be on a no deal-Brexit.

The companies, including Sainsbury’s, Marks and Spencer and McDonald’s, writing in a letter to British politicians is that consumers will have to prepare in less choice and lower quality of food products in the event of a Brexit, without agreement with the European Union.

A large part of the fresh food products in the United Kingdom are sold are imported from the European Union. 90 percent of the lettuce, 80 percent of the tomatoes and 70 per cent of soft fruit from the EU is imported, write the chains.

The chains say that they, where possible, additional supplies, but that all refrigerated storage areas are already used and that there is still but little space in department stores. According to the signatories, they are trying alternative routes to find, but there are few options and little ferries available.

According to The Guardian said the British secretary of Health Matt Hancock Monday afternoon that ” priority will be given to drugs about food if there is a no-deal Brexit’.

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