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Belarus Bank is considering starting its own stock exchange for crypto-trade – Coin Hero

Belarus Bank is considering starting its own stock exchange for crypto-trade

Home News Belarus Bank is considering starting its own stock exchange for crypto-trade

Matthias Nemack –

With the Belarus Bank checks one of the most important banks in Russia know the options for the introduction of an own platform for the crypto-trade.

Bank chief confirms the Considerations

Once more, there are more countries in Asia and Eastern Europe, the can imagine the creation of its own crypto-currency. In the current case, the Belarusbank, the biggest Belarusian Bank, the medial belonging to the Consideration, a own crypto gives to exchange to the Start. In the regional television of Belarus, the Chairman of the Bank’s Board of Directors spoke about such plans. When and How are of course already for internal reasons, no reliable information. Applicable but is not that the said Bank is the first Bank in the country, which deals with the chances of Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and especially the technology of the Blockchain.

Government is promoting the Blockchain and the crypto sector

Already approximately one and a half years, the national Bank of the country had announced its intention to the applications of the Blockchain. Said and done. The Bank had subsequently introduced a System for the exchange of information, which is based on the Blockchain familiar. The Belarusian President Lukashenko himself had made the Emergence of such crypto-activities of the banking industry, the feed, bringing the end of 2017, a decision to promote the market for crypto-currencies and technologies on the way. If the Belarus Bank starts really with their own platform, after examination of the prospects of success, is still unclear.

Eastern European countries are often more open to the new market

It shows yet again that in other countries in the world of banking a committed and future-oriented is balanced, how the Blockchain can be, for example, improve customer care, or new and interesting products. In Germany, many bankers to refer to the supposed risks of currencies such as the Ripple or Bitcoin. Gratifying, however, is that at least the Blockchain is gradually also in the German banks and financial companies in General in the conversation.

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