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Author Teletubbies creates a new program for toddlers

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According to British newspapers will every young parent in the shortest of times the characters Pepi Nana and Moon Baby know. They are the main characters in ‘Moon and me’, a new peuterreeks.

The series is developed by Andrew Davenport, the creator of the successful series of The Teletubbies (with the dolls Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po). Davenport is in the British media described as ‘a genius’ and ‘the JK Rowling of children’s television’ – JK Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter series.

The new vijftigdelige series appears from Monday 4 February on CBeebies, the youth channel of the British broadcasting company BBC. The British Teen Junior so, aimed at children six years and younger.

There was more than two years on the animated series worked. Davenport worked with the university of Sheffield and developed a project in which cameras have filmed how children play with toys. “It was like Big Brother, but with toys,” he says in The Guardian. Davenport made some interesting observations, such as the fascination for stairs and tea parties.

The series tells the story of a family comic speelgoedvrienden who experience adventures with a magical visitor, Moon Baby, ‘Toy House or a toy house.

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