Topdokters are back

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When life hangs by a thread, topdokters the difference between life and death. From Monday 28 January to take nine new doctors, each with their own medical specialty, the viewer behind the scenes of their fascinating profession, and their busy life in the sixth season of Topdokters. Also this season has the series of a variety of characters, but three things they have in common: the passion to innovate, to inspire and to motivate. In the first installment follows the series of kinderothopedist prof. Frank Plasschaert. Also pulmonologist dr. Eva Van Braeckel and interventional radiologist dr. Luc Stockx come to the fore.

Prof. Plasschaert – “The highest speed of operation lies with me, not before 10 am in the morning.”

Prof. Frank Plasschaert – aka doctor Plaagstaart’ – works as kinderorthopedisch surgeon in two hospitals: UZ Gent AZ Sint-Jan in Bruges. There, he treats children with a condition to joints and bones. Today, he sees Tim, a young man with a severe curvature of the spine. He is preparing Tim for his surgery to his back as straight as possible, to get. In addition, he visits also Lies in the guidance centre Spermalie, where he children with motor disabilities, treats and follows up. In the groin, needs an operation on her hip.
That professor Plasschaert orthopedist would be, was written in the stars. Also, as a child, made he there already on release: “I have never liked the toys played. I threw prefer a vacuum cleaner apart to see how it worked. To everyone’s great care, I tried the vacuum cleaner again in stitches (laughs).”

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