These are the verleidsters of Temptation Island 2019

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We have a bit of a wait, but the game of seduction will start again at FIVE. Four brave couples take again the ultimate relatietest. In exotic Thailand, they are 15 days long, separated from each other. The male koppelhelften be surrounded by these eight ardent bachelors who do everything for their partner to forget. Lizzy, Tisha, Kimberly, Emma, Naomi, Armanda, Ayleen and Demi get already everything out of the closets and hearts to conquer and to break.

Lizzy (21, Ertvelde)
Lizzy takes the most time of the year in Saint Tropez, where she works as a barmaid. With her red curls, she knows like no other how they are every man can play with to get her way. She sees herself as a chameleon that every situation can customize and the men make for themselves can win.

Tisha (23, Bilzen)
Tisha is as a model, singer and dancer what you call a triple threat. She is not long back from the US where she tried a singing and dance career start. Tisha is for some Flemish people is not unknown: in 2014 she took part in Eurosong. This Hilly diva is stubborn and continues to hold to its meaning.

Kimberly (21, Duffel)
Kimberly planned initially to be as a couple to participate in Temptation Island. But when the ultimate relatietest not possible more showed due to end relationship, doubted them for a second to the role of seductress. This sales assistant is a team player and wanted to especially along with the other ladies take up the challenge of the men’s collective in fall.

Emma (21, Bruges)
Emma has but one mission: the female koppelhelften a favor prove it. She is convinced that no man can be trusted. She loves to party and dance until the early hours. Wait and see if her driving force and passion is the ideal combo is to the male koppelhelften fire to the shins to…

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