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The monster called Michael Jackson

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There was some hoopla about the documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’, where two men testify how they as children were abused by Michael Jackson. Now she this weekend in the premiere is gone, the storm only really has broken loose. ‘The audience was in shock.’

Nothing but the livid faces in the hall, Friday night at the American Sundance Festival, after the four-hour long documentary Leaving Neverland. Only when director Then Drove himself to the hall, entered, in the …

Nothing but the livid faces in the hall, Friday night at the American Sundance Festival, after the four-hour long documentary Leaving Neverland. Only when director Then Drove himself to the hall, entered, in the company of Wade Robson and James Safechuck, lay people of the first shock can be obtained and there rose a warm applause, that the three men visible virtue did. Especially Robson and Safechuck, because they have for Leaving Neverland all the shame and guilt to overcome, and for the camera of Reed extended told about a traumatic period in their lives: they were as a child for many years, sexually abused by Michael Jackson.

American and British reviewers that the documentary you saw, doubting not for a moment to the truthfulness of the stories. “After two minutes into the movie you realize that the legacy of Michael Jackson never be the same’, writes Benjamin Lee in The Guardian. ‘Ferocious powerful and convincing testimonies, ” says Owen Gleiberman in Variety. “After the sickening stories in this documentary is there is no more room for any reasonable doubt’, writes David Ehrlich at IndieWire. “There is no more room for any doubt whatsoever.’

As previously, however, doubt was about the pedoseksuele practices of Michael Jackson, was that, paradoxically, partly by Robson and Safechuck itself. They have in the years 90 to discharge, testified in the trial against Jackson, filed by the parents of Jordan Chandler. They stated both under oath that he never had wronged. Jackson struck an amicable settlement with the father of Jordan (who, oddly, committed suicide four months after the death of Jackson in 2009). “I will now loudly declare the truth if I’d have lied’, so responding Safechuck thereon. ‘We will only do this to other victims of Jackson and other predators to a heart under the belt to sting. We are not out on compensation, or money, we are also not paid for this documentary to work with.’

Parallel stories

The stories of Robson and Safechuck, now both around the forty, run strangely parallel. Both they got to Jackson in the 80’s as a child through the world of show business. Robson won his fifth Australian Jackson imitation contest for children, as a reward: a meeting with the star himself, when on tour through the country. Safechuck was a child actor who is on his tenth, a roll and managed to decorate it in a commercial for Pepsi with Michael Jackson. He met the King of Pop on the set. Both of them were above average a lot of attention Jackson: he came to the boys home on a visit, invited them together with their parents on the tour. First they slept in a hotel with their mother in the room, and later by Michael himself. First were the mothers have adjoining hotel rooms assigned, later they were to other floor referred. When Jackson his ranch cum-amusement park Neverland had built in the hills of California, if the guys also go there to stay. First with their mother, and later without.

What mother let such a thing happen, ask a man. Both mothers tell to the self in Leaving Neverland, without too many excuses for himself to search. They were totally starstruck, they wanted their sons all odds award on a career in showbiz, they could never believe that the biggest artist on the planet, what Jackson was capable of such. And: the children were never showed that anything was wrong.

Dexterous manipulator

There was definitely something going on. Behind the closed doors of hotel rooms and the countless (often secret) bedrooms in Neverland was onnoemlijke things taking place, that in Leaving Neverland yet be named. So detailed that the allegedly unbearable. Robson was seven when the abuse started, Safechuck ten. It started with hugging, it went together masturbating hard porn to oral sex and eventually anal penetration. Both men tell that they are at the moment actually not being abused felt: they loved ‘love’ of Michael, they would ‘all for him’. So also, as Safechuck says, ‘for him to bend down and my buttocks apart, pulling while Michael standing behind me to masturbate’.

Also, Jackson was, as many pederasten, a shrewd manipulator. He gave the boys gifts in exchange for sex. He made them believe that they, like he, for the rest of their life to prison would end up as it came out. He tried to convince you that their mothers, poor women were ‘just as unreliable as all the other women’.

The conclusion, when everyone who is Leaving Neverland has already seen: Michael Jackson was a monster that the lives of at least two and perhaps many more boys and their parents has been destroyed. Robson and Safechuck are now young fathers from around the forties, but they’re facing both depression and insomnia.

Nevertheless, it was at the Sundance Festival, a group of diehard fans to action against the documentary, and social media is the protest very violently. Reed, Robson and Safechuck have been death threats received. How can it be that so many people after all these years in Jackson’s innocence continue to believe? “I can nobody blame you,” said Safechuck after the premiere. ‘I’m one myself for many years continue to believe.”

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