‘Taliban and the U.S. reach agreement in principle on peace in Afghanistan’

cb5c25925eb27540a0d485afce3365df - ‘Taliban and the U.S. reach agreement in principle on peace in Afghanistan’

The United States and the Taliban have an agreement in principle was reached peace in Afghanistan, so reports The New York Times Monday. In exchange for a complete withdrawal of all American troops from the country should the Taliban agree to a cease-fire and are willing to negotiate directly with the Afghan government.

“We have an agreement in principle was reached, which, although still need to be worked out before we can speak of a real deal,” says the American diplomat and negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad in The New York Times. “The Taliban have, to our delight, promised to do what is necessary in order to achieve that, Afghanistan is not a base of international terrorism.’

“There is enough trust on both sides to the agreement in principle now, to work out’, joined Khalilzad opposed to the newspaper.

Until now, the Taliban, the invitations of the Afghan government for talks always rejected. They are elected directly to the United States to talk, their main enemy.

After nine years of difficult negotiations with the Taliban, the agreement is the first concrete step in the direction of peace. Last week fell in an attack of the terrorist organisation more than a hundred dead. With the bloody attack showed the Taliban that they after decades of war still very professionally organised and have a lot of clout.

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