Slaughterhouse gives tampering with horsemeat to

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The slaughterhouse Van Hattem, in the Dutch town of Dodewaard between 2012 and 2014 flesh of ponies mixed with the word of beef and sold as pure beef. That has director Ben van Hattem (52) said Monday in the criminal case against him for fraud.

Slaughterhouse Van Hattem was at the beginning of 2014 the center of a winter. The discovery of inexpensive horse meat in beef products in France led to the butcher shop in Dodewaard. It went to a second big winter in a few years time, after in 2013 the French meat processing company Spanghero was involved in an international scandal.

Van Hattem explained Monday at the court in Den Bosch found that, in a year and a half time of approximately 550 shetlanders of his generation. The slaughter of ponies was an additional service to the fixed suppliers of cattle, lambs, and goats. The decision to also ponies going to slaughter and called the director Of Hattem might be his biggest mistake ever. ‘I didn’t really care and never thought about it. We were better on paper, ” commented he.

Van Hattem emphasized that the ratio of horsemeat in beef is minimal. “We were processing per week 550 oxen, a thousand sheep and goats, and vijfenhalve pony. It was a very small part of the turnover.’ The vleeshandelaar that the vleessnippers bought, it couldn’t know, sounds the yet.

In the criminal case are also the vleeshandelaar and the owner of a storage warehouse. Vleeshandelaar Henry V. (53) from Doesburg and vrieshuisdirecteur Henk G. (50) from Wijhe to say that they did not know that Van Hattem ponies processed.

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