Shia LaBeouf openly after a biopic: “Talking with my father”

febd2043d4eb3b982928d637bc1f7bf7 - Shia LaBeouf openly after a biopic: "Talking with my father"

Actor Shia LaBeouf has on the American film festival Sundance candidly spoken about his new film ‘Honey Boy’, who in the premiere is gone. The script of the film is written by LaBeouf himself, and is based on his own life.

“For this film, my father and I were together about six, seven years of not speaking,” said a candid ‘Transformers’actor. “Now we are talking again.”

‘Honey Boy’ tells the story of a child actor, his tragic childhood and his relationship with his father, who him badly. LaBeouf has not only the script written, but plays remarkably enough, also the role of the father.

In front of a sold-out hall was the 32-year-old American actor after the premiere in on questions from the audience. He told me that the writing of the script component had been part of his rehabilitation programme. LaBeouf was in 2017 condemned due to misconduct and should include a course in anger management to follow.

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