Seven years in prison for prime suspect diamantroof Schiphol

05c7cc780d6c2d17588963c64c12f819 - Seven years in prison for prime suspect diamantroof Schiphol

The court of Haarlem has a Monday, a prime suspect of the amazing diamantroof on the Amsterdam airport Schiphol in 2005 to seven years in prison when sentenced.

Errol H. V. true, not only as the organizer of the robbery. He was also the director of the geldtransportwagen that is used. There was nine years of imprisonment against him demanded.

From the beginning it was clear that the thieves help from the inside had to have had. Luchthavenmedewerker Ramazan N. observed for several weeks at the airport, the gang, and flies before five years behind bars.

Marlon D , at H. Q. in the car, got six years. Erik P., who a few weeks earlier in a failed attempt to robbery had taken part, and later by D. was replaced 3.5 years to the jail.

With a booty of more than 72 million dollars of diamonds goes to the biggest heist in the history of the Netherlands. The biggest part of the loot is never recovered. The plane that was robbed, had Antwerp as final destination.

The seven suspects were not until the beginning of 2017 held, a small twelve years later. That happened under the more after years of undercovertraject of the police. Six of them had a trial, the seventh suspect – who is probably the mastermind behind the robbery – committed for the start of the process of suicide.

Those who have any questions around suicide, can visit the zelfmoordlijn via the toll-free number 1813 or

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