Pope afraid of new bloodshed in Venezuela

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Pope Francis says concern about new bloodshed in Venezuela, which this week once again protests against the government-Maduro planned. The church father refuses, however, to choose a side in the conflict between president Nicolás Maduro and challenger Juan Guaidó.

The pope spoke to journalists during a flight from Panama, where he last week the world youth day of the catholic Church attended. “My thoughts are currently with all Venezuelans, because they are the ones who are currently suffering,” said the pope. ‘I struggle with what is there today in that country’, he added. ‘What am I so afraid of? The shedding of blood.’

During the protests last week were a total of 35 dead. There are also more than 850 protesters were arrested, as reported several ngos on Monday during a press conference in the Venezuelan capital Caracas.

Further refused to accept the pope publicly to choose a side in the conflict between the Maduro, since 2013, the power, and Guaidó, the opponent who last week publicly declared interim president. Russia and China chose rather the side of Maduro, while the United States, Canada, and a dozen Latin American countries are behind Guaidó got. Last weekend gave the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain to Venezuela eight days, the time for new elections to organize, an ultimatum that immediately the table was swept.

‘I was in this conflict, choose a side, then I roam on unknown terrain, ” said the pope. ‘It would be a big carelessness on my part, a carelessness that damage would cause.’

During a mass in Panama city, pope Francis has previously said that he is ” God would ask for a peaceful way out of the conflict, a solution that the good in all people.’

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