Nostalgia: reunion Band at the Pinkpop festival

e05cc9992bf4d3aa55201b926ac97fdb - Nostalgia: reunion Band at the Pinkpop festival

The fans of the Band are in their element. The Dutch band, who since 2009 from each other was gone, back will come together to act. The band, best known for the song “I woud stay’, makes a comeback at the Pinkpop festival.

The rumor mill around the reunion began to turn because on the website of the Band itself, a countdown clock on a pink background. Also a newly created Instagram account alluded that the return of the Band. On the Dutch radio station Veronica became the news was officially announced this morning. Joost Musician, the ex of a band member of the Band, and talked his mouth over. “Jeez, what a story, eh,” said Speelman. “They are going to play again.”

The band, with lead singer Jacqueline Govaert, as a band more than good memories of the music festival Pinkpop. The band experienced there in 2000 his breakthrough with the song ‘I would stay’. In the years after was the band four times on the podium.

In 2008, the Band announced to disband after a period of 12 years of making music. In June 2009 they gave their final performance.

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