New series of Real Stories: SOS 112 follows the MOSQUITO, ambulanciers, and the emergency department

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In the new scripted reality tv series ‘Real stories: SOS 112″ VTM from Monday 28 January for four weeks every weekday fascinating stories about medical interventions: the series zooms in on people that need medical attention, and especially on the people that provide assistance. The cases in the SOS 112 are based on true stories and take place in and around a hospital: emergency department, the MOSQUITO and the ambulanceteam. From serious emergencies to the craziest and most heart-warming stories: the medical staff in ‘Real Stories: SOS 112’ is bored never.

The ambulanceteam: ambulanciers Kevin and Evi

Kevin Bessemans, played by Bram De Maere (38)

Ambulancier Kevin and his colleague Evi nine years married and together have 2 children. He is a real cowboy who not so closely takes with rules and laws, but he puts the patient on the first place.

Bram De Maere has in addition to his job as a HR consultant in recent years gained much experience in the tv world. He was gastacteur in the tv series ‘The Infiltrator’, ‘Family’, ‘Water’, ‘Real Stories: The Buurtpolitie’, ‘Ge Had To Be There’, ‘Grenslanders’ and ‘Sorry For Everything’ and was also featured in ‘don’t Shoot’ by Stijn Coninx.

Evi Vercruyssen, played by Ellen Mary Louis Peeters (33)

Evi is the wife of Kevin. She is strict, economical, and a real mother hen. She wants to do everything by the book and do think it is in contrast to Kevin before she acts.

Ellen Peeters studied drama and diction at the Academy of music in Ekeren, and was followed by a seventh year musical at the Kunsthumaniora in Antwerp. Hereafter, she studied journalism at Thomas More Mechelen. A professional is Ellen management assistant at the Local criminal Investigation department. Her greatest passion however is acting. So has Ellen some of the roles played (eg. at ‘FC The Champions’, ‘Mega Mindy’, ‘True Stories: The Buurtpolitie’ and ‘Zone Stad’), she was seen in commercials and she also stemmenwerk.

The MOSQUITO team: MOSQUITO-doctor Ben and MOSQUITO-nurse Britt

Doctor Am Orlent, played by Stef Vanlee (43)

MUG-doctor Am Orlent is a medicine freak of bijstuderen. He is a real bookworm and will go on vacation lost in time. He is not married and childless. If you have something serious to you, you will come to him.

Stef Vanlee loves sailing, travel, adventure, and theatre. He is not only an actor but also rescues in real life, life as a matter of urgency – and MOSQUITO-nurse at ZNA Jan Palfijn to Merksem. This expertise, he continued a few years ago in a theatre play ‘split second’. The painting shows the dangers of everyday traffic and won in 2017, the Flemish Verkeersveiligheidsprijs. Also on tv, Stef already has various roles, among others. in ‘Family’, ‘Pitch’, ‘Professor T.’, and ‘Kassablanka’.

Britt Geeraerts, played by Alice Van Heuven (28)

Britt Geeraerts is the young, handsome and smart nurse of the MOSQUITO. The spontaneous nurse is working since one year together with dr. Ben. The two are real opposites.

Alice moved in 2012 to New York. She studied music and theatre at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, and completed her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at The New School. After her studies threw in the musical Big Apple scene. She played in numerous plays, musicals and celebrated Christmas in the balmy Las Vegas as part of the cast of ‘Twas A Girls Night Before Christmas’. Before her departure she had in Belgium, already her first steps in the acteerwereld and was put them by Radio 2 voted Best New Artist of 2012. After six years, decided Alice in the summer of 2018 to return to Belgium to return to be closer to her family. She has three sisters, looks like in holistic health, is very athletic and is as a long-time vegetarian interested in the latest healthy eettrends.

Emergency room: spoedarts Joke and city Julie

Spoedarts Joke Saenen, played by Clara Sisk (40)

Spoedarts Joke Saenen is a spoedarts with balls on her body. She is right by the sea, but also a little scatterbrained. She is good-natured and has had years of experience in the emergency department.

Clara Sisk works as a health in a group practice in the Netherlands. In 2012 and 2013, you could have her already in the VTM program ‘The Surgery’ at work. Clara stated therein, together with two other doctors her consultatieruimte open to the general public. In the ’80s, she as a child already has a starring role in the jeugdfilm ‘The Cup’. Clara received her degree of doctor at the university of Leuven in 2004 and specialising as a general practitioner at the university of Maastricht in 2007. She is married and mother of four children. She plays field hockey, loves interior design and likes to make remote, adventurous travel with her family or friends.

City Julie Mintona, played by Naomi Janssens (19)

City Julie Mintona is a tough tomboy who, at first sight, be cool and confident look, but she feels too many things with the patient.

Naomi Johnson is busy with her studies in Applied Psychology at the AP university College in Antwerp. In the secondary combined Naomi her studies of Humanities and social Sciences with a number of hours of drama lessons each week. In her free time she likes to (when nobody listens), she does photography and she plays soccer. Also she acted in the Teen program, ‘Campus 12’ of Studio 100.

Director Sonja Van Nimmen, played by Greet Verhoeven (52)

Director Sonja Van Nimmen is a free-spirited, open-minded lady who is open for new trends and techniques to work with patients to go. Sonja is strict but fair and has one son, Roberto, a student in medicine.

Greet Verhoeven studied animation at the KASK in Ghent. She worked for years as a graphic artist for various television programs, but lost 10 years ago her heart to the street. Together with Eric Peeters (Policeman Patrick Tilkens in ‘True Stories: The Buurtpolitie’), she founded the company Pikz Palace. With their absurd performances, they are a welcome guest at major festivals and other events at home and abroad. In addition, she has a solid guest appearance as a cleaning lady in ‘True Stories: The Buurtpolitie’.

View SOS 112 each weekday to 18u20 on tv or wherever you are via or Proximus TV app. On the TV Replay you watch the program for up to 36 hours later, when you want!

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