Names of more than 14,000 hiv patients in Singapore posted online

In Singapore by a datalek the names and personal data of more than 14,000 hiv patients made public. Including also the data of 8.800 foreigners.

Reports that the ministry of Health of the city-state in southeast Asia Monday. The data were stolen and posted on the internet by a 33-year-old American, who had a relationship with a 36-year-old doctor from Singapore and via the latter to the data.

The American was last year, Singapore set after he was condemned for fraud and drug-related offences. The condemnation of fraud was there because the man, who himself was hiv positive, that had lied against the authorities in Singapore.

His partner, meanwhile ex-doctor, is a prison sentence of two years because he was the American turned to deception and providing false information to the authorities.

In Singapore sex between men is illegal, and there is a penalty of up to two years in prison.

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