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Manager F1 pilot Kimi were times reveals new details about Sauber-deal

18332c27b0599dbd203c16bfa2d7fe13 - Manager F1 pilot Kimi were times reveals new details about Sauber-deal

During an interview with the official F1 website features Steve Robertson, manager of Kimi were times, more details told about how the cooperation between were times and the Sauber F1 team is established.

Around the GP of Italy came Kimi were times to know that his contract with Ferrari was not renewed would be. The Fin wanted still not say goodbye to Formula 1 and will eventually return to Sauber, the team where his F1 career began.

“When Kimi was told that he the year afterwards, no contract at Ferrari had he made a move. He started a conversation about the possible race for Sauber,” said Steve Robertson, opposite the official F1 website.

“Kimi wanted to continue. He went together with the owners of Sauber, then with team boss Fred Vasseur and Beat. They could see that Kimi had a firm intention to proceed.”

Robertson believes that with the Swiss Sauber F1 team quickly saw that were times extremely motivated, that he is not just a year or two longer in the Formula 1 wanted to stay.

“According to Fred was Kimi during his first meeting with him very interested and focused on the plans for 2019,” said Robertson. “Kimi wanted to see if the team the same enthusiasm as him. He felt that, and then said: ‘Okay, I want to’.”

“In Monza, he was a little negative because he discovered what happened. He turned quickly however, the button to and wanted to continue driving, he has the feeling that he still has something to offer.”

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