Lukas Dhont celebrates dvd release with a special screening of ‘Girl’

245a3ec6e5a03293a7d73d8f22dbea47 - Lukas Dhont celebrates dvd release with a special screening of 'Girl'

After ‘Girl’ in the cinemas and the festivalcircuit all did well, the langspeeldebut of Lukas Dhont next month is also out on dvd and blu-ray. A special display on the occasion of the release, in the Antwerp cultural centre, The Roma, is completely sold out.

The Ghent-based director will also be the special screening on February 18, in The Roma to attend. Bad news is, however, for those who like still wanted to be: the 950 available tickets for the event were on a week’s time is already sold out.

In October if ‘Girl’ was the 45th edition of Film Fest Gent open, where he is on the loud applause and positive reviews and was received. Also the debut of Victor Polster did not go unnoticed. “The discovery of a great talent and a white raven”, was The Standard even.

With more than 270,000 visitors knew ‘Girl’ to Belgian standards, a lot of people to the cinemas to lure. In Cannes went ‘Girl’ home with four awards, including the Caméra d’or for best debut. The nomination for a Golden Globe award for best non-English film, in december the European Discovery Award and recently nominated for the French film award Cesar were following highlights.

The cast and crew during the screening next month, “put in the flowers”, so let the art center know in a press release. The dvd and blu-ray will be on the spot and offered for sale.

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