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Lieve De Maeyer leave the VRT

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Lieve de Maeyer, for years the voice of ‘Classics’, Saturday afternoon on Radio 1, it stops with radio, and get on with the public broadcaster.

They announced it themselves unexpectedly, last Saturday, at the end of the broadcast, that it was her ‘last Classics’. For the listeners, who she thanked for all these years so sweet, friendly and polite, she had a message to offer: “Music is important in life, pop and rock music is a major disseminator of ideas, she shakes occasionally the society look good by each other, and that is necessary.’

Lieve De Maeyer started her radiocarrière at Studio Brussel. In 2000 she made the move to Radio 1, where they on Saturday ‘Classics’ presented, and also the hard voice was of the annual 100 to 1, for which the listener of Radio 1, the one hundred best Belgian songs select. That program she presented together with Evert Venema. Furthermore, she suggested her voice available for summer programs, and read to them a host of television documentaries. Her voice is just about the reference among radio producers.

The Mara is this year 56, not yet retirement age, so. Or they have other plans, we met yesterday, not to know. She has recently samengezeten with the VRT about its future share in Radio 1, and after those conversations she has for itself decided that her future lay elsewhere. Partly that is at the RITCS, where they vakhoofd Radio.

The last song De Maeyer on Radio 1 announced, was ‘Mercy street’ by Peter Gabriel. Starting next week, take Ronald Verhaegen over from her.

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