How to dress a professional mermaid?

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Jani is Tuesday, 29 January, for a tough challenge in the sixth episode of So Man So Woman. He makes the acquaintance of the Antwerpians Lieke and Matthias. At first sight, they are a typical Flemish couple, but nothing is less true. ‘What is the godchild of prince Charles can do, I can also’ should Matthias have thought, because he is together with a real, professional mermaid. As a mermaid she glows, but in her wardrobe can find Jani a lot of fishy things back. Jani is back, catapulted to the seventies. IT specialist Matthias has a very separate and especially immature taste …

Matthias wants to Lieke would like to see something else to attract: “Lieke her style is very colourful, with lots of cheerful skirts, but I would her like once in a pants lifting.” But also, Lieke wants IT a new look: “He has a lot of t-shirts with cartoons or sounds totally fake, but I want him more mature.”

Lieke is not only found in open waters, but she is also often behind her sewing machine. The largest part of her clothing comes from her own hand. Also for her partner or she dares all of even a needle and thread to turn and is for Jani still a bridge too far … Puts Jani Ariel into a radiant woman without scales? And he can do away with the cartoonkleren of Matthias?

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