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Football grab: no longer for your own audience, and for three years no professional football more

f0d28846dd532abd5f080cae3f2be30f - Football grab: no longer for your own audience, and for three years no professional football more

It was an eventful weekend for several European football clubs. With consequences! Marseille, the French football federation will be no contests for people to finish, the Spanish resembled Reus Deportiu the next three years as a professional football club to operate.

Marseille may have been home games, for more for audience to finish. That is the hard verdict of the disciplinary committee of the French league, in today’s spoedberaad met after the incidents of Friday during the league game between Marseille and Lille.

Which match of the 22nd match day, by Marseille with 1-2 lost, was in the 57th minute at 0-1 more than a half hour to shut down after the public of Marseille flares on the private players to open fire. Kevin Strootman, Jordan Amavi and a lijnrechter were just not touched.

“Given the seriousness of the facts is the Orange Vélodrome (stadium of Marseille, red) to the public closed as long as the investigation goes,” said the disciplinary committee. Saturday 5 February will be Marseille are inhaalwedstrijd against Bordeaux without the public should be finishing and that also threatens Wednesday, February 16, at Amiens. It will not be the first time that Marseille this season behind closed doors play. On september 20, started its European campaign against Frankfurt already without the public. The club was punished because his fans fireworks afstaken for the kick-off of the against Atletico Madrid, lost the Europa League final (0-3) in Lyon.

Spanish resembled punished

The Spanish resembled Reus Deportiu may three years, assuming office in professional football because the players are already not paid for months. That has the Spanish football league reported today. Giant, in the Spanish second class only on the twentieth place (at 22), also a fine of 250,000 euros to pay. The club from Catalonia can, however, still fifteen days to appeal against the decision.

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