Eliot Vassamillet on 12 may in the first semi-final of the 64th Contest in Tel Aviv

107aea919499e3853707dbe11ec6a125 - Eliot Vassamillet on 12 may in the first semi-final of the 64th Contest in Tel Aviv

Eliot Vassamillet take in the 64th Eurovision song contest part in the first semi-final, on Tuesday 12 may. That reports the website Since the introduction of the second semi-final was in 2008 that our country just two times (2011 and 2016) are always in the first semi-final, and there is in 2019 not change. For the first time since 2016, we are again drawn in the second half of the songprogramma.

Today in Tel Aviv, where the song Contest in may, perching, determined randomly which half of which semi-finals the 36 participating countries. At the so-called “allocation draw” also heard the annual ceremony in which past host cities have a key to a great castle may hang. In Tel Aviv, was therefore a delegation of Lisbon. Lucy Ayoub and Assi Azar presented the ceremony, and they may also join the Contest present.

The exact starting positions are determined by the producers of the song Contest. That happens only after all the entries are known, so as to be as similar songs from each other and a more diverse broadcast to create. The start order is usually only in april published.

Eliot Vassamillet in the first semi-final on Tuesday 12 may. The 18-year-old Vassamillet from the Mountains, which earlier this month by the RTBF is referred to as the Belgian participant, took part earlier in the seventh season of “The Voice”. He will be in Tel Aviv a number, interpret, composed by Pierre Dumoulin, the lead singer of the group, Roscoe, who previously worked with Blanche on “City Lights” for Eurovision 2017. Last year, survived Sennek with “A Matter of Time” in the semi-finals in Portugal. Belgium won the liedjeswedstrijd one time only, they are devious. Sandra Kim, after all, was the de facto too young to be in 1986 in Norway to be allowed to shine with the song “J’aime la vie”.

Our neighbouring country the Netherlands, with Duncan Laurence in the second half of the second semi-final. Six countries are already in the finals on Saturday, may 18: host country Israel, and the Big Five (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom). The other 36 countries by the two semi-finals, which are held on Tuesday 14 may and Thursday 16 may.

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