Concerns about diseased cows slaughtered in Poland

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Secretly filmed images in a Polish slaughterhouse show very ill cows without inspection has to be sold and slaughtered. The movies provide for concern about the voedselnormen in an important vleesexportland of the European Union.

In a undercoverreportage of the Polish news channel TVN24 is to see how in a slaughterhouse near Warsaw meat of sick animals being bought. The cows are so weak that they can barely walk. The animals must be towed with ropes around their horns and legs. According to the reportagemakers and veterinarians show the sores on the joints of the animals that they are already more than six days of lying on the ground.

The massacres seem to take place at night to find, without a veterinarian present for the quality of the meat is to be approved. That is, however, a basic requirement for meat that is intended for consumption in the EU. The video also shows that the butchers tumours cut away from the carcasses for evidence of disease to hide.

Poland is a nation

The images allow for concerns to international experts. Poland is an important country of export of meat in the European Union. According to the latest figures exported to Poland in 2017 to more than 42,000 tonnes (42 million pounds) of beef to the rest of the EU, for a value of 332 million euro. Belgium also imported in 2017 more than 5 million euros of beef from Poland.

‘If there is even the slightest evidence that a proportion of this meat in Poland has left, this can lead to a security alarm in Europe, ” says Chris Elliot at The Guardian. He is a professor of food safety at Queen’s University, Belfast and chairman of the research to the winter of 2013. Elliot calls on Poland to quickly research and other countries to inform about health risks.

The images were at the end of december run by a Polish undercoverjournalist that three weeks in the slaughterhouse worked. The documentary was Saturday on the Polish television shown.

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