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Artwork Banksy for Bataclan stolen

12ef37b5e570fd23ba9f8eba6ce762d4 - Artwork Banksy for Bataclan stolen

An image at the exit of the Paris concert hall Bataclan this weekend was stolen. Because the style is the work of the British streetartist Banksy attributed.

The work is a veiled woman to see that the head treurend down. It was for the first time in June last year noted, when in a short time different wall drawings in the style of Banksy in the city appeared.

The image is a symbolic place. Through the emergency exit, were several concert-goers in november 2015 in security, when a terrorist attack during a concert of Eagles of Death Metal 89 people were killed.

It was the Bataclan, which the news via Twitter announced: “We are overwhelmed by outrage’, let us know. ‘The work of Banksy, a symbol of contemplation that everyone belongs – local residents, Parisians, and citizens of the world – is taken from us.’

The Paris police stated to Reuters that thieves with a van in the night of Friday, the door, with the drawing on it, have broken out.

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