Again dead in Spanish shaft

7d3f73464af56c098d8e054241453388 - Again dead in Spanish shaft

Shortly after the tragic death of the little Julen in a deep shaft in Andalusia, is in the same region again, a fatal accident happened in a shaft. In the place of Villanueva del Trabuco, not far from the village of Totalán where the two-year Julen was killed, the body of a 45-year-old man and his dog in a water-filled shaft found.

That report the website ‘Malaga hoy’ and other Spanish media on Monday. The man would be Sunday night with his dog go for a walk. When he remained away called his family to the emergency services. The victim knew the area well. It is believed that the dog first in the shaft fell, and the man was killed when he the animal, tried to save.

In Spain, there are a lot of illegally drilled wells. Julen fell on 13 January in a 107-metre-deep shaft. His body was discovered only after two weeks to be salvaged.

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