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Witse Meeussen is the best at the junior championships in Hoogerheide and is also the winner of the world Cup, Thibau Nys falls out

Belgium at the junior championships in Hoogerheide. The victory in the final event of the world Cup went to Witse Meeussen, which is also the final winner is. The Spaniard Carlos Canal Blanco was second, Lennert Belmans seized the third place. Thibau Nys had to give up after a fall, but was second in the final standings.

The Spanish champion Canal Blanco had the best start, but European champion Pim Ronhaar has him quickly. The Dutchman was not completely away from the opposition and was bijgebeend by Meeussen. The leader in the world Cup showed no mercy and was quickly off. His victory was not in danger, Meeussen hit a nice double win.

Behind our countryman explained to Canal Blank is still taken up on the second place, the third podiumstel was Belmans. For Thibau Nys was a cross to quickly forget, he fell of the stairs and gave up on. It is not yet known how bad the damage is.

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