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Wallet service Germany wants to conquer with new investors, Asia – Coin Hero

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Wallet service Germany wants to conquer with new investors in Asia

Home News Wallet service Germany wants new investors Asia conquer

Matthias Nemack –

Germany has long been no stranger to Wallet service provider. Due to the new capital, the company intends to expand its role in the competition.

Crypto Wallet will expand to Be more

Since about four years the Wallet “Germany” now on the market. The Forms now serves almost two million users around the world, for the custody and administration of Coins and tokens, where the company has a focus on currencies, Ethereum and Bitcoin. But other digital currencies, to currency of the digital world to store and manage Accounts either via the operating system Apple iOS or Android.

The majority of the capital comes from an Investor

Now it became known that the company has once again collected money in order to strengthen its global significance continues to expand it. The Japanese company SBI Crypto Investment has made new reports in the framework of the renewed round of expansion financing in the home Germany a large sum of loose. How much money has flowed to this place, and will not be communicated. Overall, however, the re-injection of capital from different donors is estimated at 15 million US dollars. A total of approximately $ 55 million came together in the two rounds of financing.

The success story is to be expanded

The Japanese Investor belongs, in turn, to the well-known SBI Holding. Two clear goals for the CEO in the Wallet service, as formulated in its opinion. The development of new products and Features should be driven by fresh capital. The Japanese Investor got it for a good reason. The crypto-Wallet to be in the future in the markets of Asia and new users hesitate. So far, the service providers was in the North American sector. On this success, you do not want to rest by the new collaboration. The development team will be rapidly expanded to improve the existing Wallet System.

Together with the investors, the signs are now on a growth – long-term growth, such as the CEO Traidman confirmed. According to the BRD User to keep up to date a volume of the equivalent of more than six billion USD in the Wallet.

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