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Two U.S. States are planning Bitcoin for tax payments – Coin Hero

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Two U.S. States are planning Bitcoin for tax payments

Home News Two US States to plan a Bitcoin-tax payments

Matthias Nemack –

According to the latest reports, the next States of the United States, crypto-currencies for payment of taxes and planning.

Other States in the United States could allow crypto payments to the authorities

He recently we had reported about that in Ohio for the first time, a company paid taxes legally Pro rata in Bitcoins. The state was, in a sense, a pioneer for other regions of the United States, such as on the basis of the new reports. Because at the end of last week has now been publicized that the state of Indiana would like to take a correction of existing tax laws. The Bitcoin is used in this context is ultimately only a proxy for the entire industry.

Not only for the Bitcoin implementation would be important

At the end of other digital currencies such as Ethereum, or Bitcoin to Cash could find in the future, for the payment of tax liabilities using. In addition to tax payments the draft law will be submitted to the General Assembly includes, also, the crypto-payment in the case of interest or penalties. Other uses are taken into account in the design. In the beginning of July, the Assembly could wave the correction. Ohio, and – should the request for encouragement – Indiana (by the way, the Bitcoin is not accepted since the spring of 2018 also in Parts of Florida from the tax authorities) would then be the only two States to open their systems, finally, for the digital currencies.

Conversion could bring citizens and authorities more flexibility

In New Hampshire, was submitted shortly after the turn of the year, a comparable change request. Also, this draft for a new law or Change existing Law related to the payment of taxes and also fees for services of state institutions. The two concepts at the appropriate place, the hoped-for approval, need to be suitable partners for the settlement of transactions found. Important for the authorities: the fee waiver on the part of service providers. The designs are implemented, however, will find here sure of a rapid solution, so in addition to companies, private individuals in the US authorities soon with crypto-currencies.

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