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STVV nip over Anderlecht in the state

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STVV is on match day 23 of the Jupiler Pro League with a 1-2 win on the field of Cercle Brugge. Goals of Botaka and Boli boast the opening goal of Omolo. The 2-2 Lusamba was rejected on reference to the videoref. By the victory jumps STVV about Anderlecht, AA Gent and Charleroi to fifth place. View the images from 23h on

Cercle wanted after a 1 in 9 points in Brugge keep to obtain assurance on the preservation, STVV wants, even after the departure of Bezus continue to compete for a place in Play-off 1. Beautiful goals for a match to start with but they would melt completely away as the snow of the youngest 24 hours. Just like the barely 23-year-old fysiektrainer Kenny Lalande forever disappeared from the Club-family. In the penultimate night of 2018 died the young Frenchman during his sleep at his home in Rouen. His family fell specially to Bruges because they wanted to see and feel where their son and brother, the last six months of his life had spent.

“3 green stars to our Cercle heaven “ was on a huge banner in the spionkop. Also a former delegate and supportersverantwoordelijke his Cercle in the past weeks and lost.

Staff and players were together with the parents in a circle in front of the dugout. After a minute of silence looked at father Lalande to the top, and threw a kushandje to his son. A moment to be very quiet, sad and sad to be but then you get the eternal oneliner ‘life goes on’ . And it continues soccer the most important minor matter. But if it had to, if that. Kylian Hazard, that the preference had been given to Bruno, had, anyway, have to score when he Mmaee in the wind, and angled for Steppe-comers. The brother of Eden and Thorgan missed incomprehensible. Stationary phases are a specialty of STVV and Marc Brys, but it was Cercle that there was. Mercier painted a vrijschop on the head of the high opverende Omolo who is not undeserved 1-0 of made. Sint-Truiden missed the promptings of Bezus and loved newcomer Sylla still on the couch. If it still eebs could break was in the Club again an attentive Nardi. The French keeper blokte the attempt of Boli but his team was vulnerable on the left side. The skilled Acolatse dribbled free and the incoming Botaka restored the balance. And more even for STVV took the match in their hands but The Petter put out too little precision in his attempt on goal after the free-kick from Acolatse.

Var and Laforge discuss

Marc Brys will still abdominal pain if he the Club can see. The lost finalematch of last year with Beerschot against Cercle in 1B of course. Now they would want to win but after the peace were the best chances again for the Club.

That morsten, but as miniemen so STVV three times, well off. Road. Tormin decided narrowly, in addition to and also Cardona and Hazard brought the Club a step further. The club also had luck that the with eleven man on the field could continue and Nardi only a yellow was given when he far beyond his sixteen the ball with the hand to tremble. The VAR tried Laforge mind but he held it still with yellow. Nardi, there was apparently still under the impression of because he was a little later under the vrijschop of Kamada and Boli headed inside.

The VAR was in the lesson and touched. To the great anger and frustration of that Club because they saw how Lusamba good for 2-2 made, but in their cheer were stopped by Laforge for the second time to his monitor called, and, indeed, the fact that Mercier a prior error had been committed on Kamada. No goal, so the minds taken seriously by stirred up. Cercle remained the (deserved) equalizer, search, and it was sometimes called, for the purpose of Wilderness, but miracles had the keeper not to do. Brys had Sylla still get a taste of his first minutes in a STVV-sweater and Nardi had him in the added time of the 1-3. Also less than six minutes of extra time could be nothing more to the position change.

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