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Sporting NeLo joins in battle for fourth place in the BeNE League

Sporting NeLo is the winner of the fifteenth day of the BeNe-League handball. With a 24-27 victory on the field of the Dutch Hurry Up to do the Task again for a place in the Final Four.

NeLo benefited so make the most of the defeat of Aalsmeer in Bocholt and the loss of Volendam (31-32) and to Promote (34-17) respectively Wezet and Lions. NeLo remains seventh in the standings, but with only two points behind the number four Aalsmeer and with seven matches on the counter, everything remains possible.

Leader Bocholt owes his victory against Aalsmeer (37-34) to an excellent second half and an excellent Spooren, of the fourteen goals of the app. Wezet shared in the first half of the sheets in Volendam, came after the rest thick in the problems but kept one doelpuntje surplus.

In the fight against the degradation achieved Initia Hasselt (25-24) and Tongeren (22-32) against, respectively, Quintus and Sasha two important points.

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