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Promise lead Anderlecht to win against Eupen

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Just when the crisis of Anderlecht even greater seemed to be, was the barely 17-year-old Yari Verschaeren. The teenager asked the purple-white after a rest in a backlog still to bend in a victory against Eupen.

Anderlecht-coach Fred Rutten replaced against Eupen the suspended Amuzu by Saelemaekers and the young Verschaeren got his chance as a number ten. Both Gerkens – injured – as Morioka – passed – were, indeed, purple and white. At Eupen chose Claude Makelele for the same eleven that last week Lokeren defeated. Why would the Frenchman also change? Eupen is saved, and could vrank en vrij soccer, and even to within three points of Anderlecht.

It was the birthday of Marc Coucke, and the president wanted three small gifts he made on Twitter know. Anderlecht showed initiative, through a vivid Verschaeren, but it faltered every time the purple-white to the sixteen of Eupen. But on the half hour got Marc Coucke his first present, although along the wrong side: Obradovic lost rather more of the ball, the Eupense rear Gnaka dribbled beyond four purple statues, and operated the completely free-standing Fall. Who did not hesitate, and shoved the first real chance of the match over Didillon.

Anderlecht tried, and Lawrence was an excellent opportunity. But the Dutch boss is a defender, and linksvoetig. And that was to see to it that he amassed with the right: a soft roller in the arms of van Crombrugge. Not ten seconds later, there was an even larger opportunity. Verschaeren walked smartly away and Kara removed him only for goal, but Van Crombrugge was ready to use again.

Debut Zulj

The thuissupporters brought their team during the calm, a flute concerto, and I decided to intervene. He replaced the pale Bakkali by newcomer Peter Zulj. Not a bad move, because the Austrian had barely six minutes are required to Yari Verschaeren to isolate in front of goal and the youngster did not hesitate: 1-1.

With Anderlecht believed they are back in and they camped on the half of Eupen. But Santini and Najar saw their attempts each time, beaches on a defender or the goalkeeper. Eupen groaned, and after two good saves from van Crombrugge on the efforts of Kara and Verschaeren, was the goalkeeper for the second time won. The controversial Santini headed home the cross from Obradovic against the ropes. Doku seemed to thicken up 3-1, but Boucaut whistled later for offside. An important victory for Anderlecht, especially on Play-off 1 and the game on Standard next week.

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