Noami Janssens on Ketnet and on VTM

4012a057f87eb7ba8d2acfc3a0e74b33 - Noami Janssens on Ketnet and on VTM

The fans of The Buurtpolitie look with a critical eye to the sequel of their favorite series. From Monday 28 January will be between 18.20 and 19 hours is not The Buurtpolitie but SOS 112 show on VTM. City Julie Mintona will be played by Naomi Janssens (19).

City Julie Mintona is a tough tomboy who, at first sight, be cool and confident look, but she feels too many things with the patient.

Naomi Johnson is busy with her studies in Applied Psychology at the AP university College in Antwerp. In the secondary combined Naomi her studies of Humanities and social Sciences with a number of hours of drama lessons each week. In her free time she likes to (when nobody listens), she does photography and she plays soccer. Also she acted in the Teen program, ‘Campus 12’ of Studio 100.

SOS 112, from Monday 28 January at 18.20 hours on VTM.

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