New season Pieces from People

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From tomorrow, Monday 28 January, will Evy Gruyaert back in her role as presenter of the new, fourth season of Pieces of People. The concept remain the same: each episode had four vendors the opportunity to present their masterpiece to sell to one of the five experts to the highest possible price. Which expert happen to them? Or they make the best bid to pass? This season get experts Bie Baert, Paul De Grande, Boris Devis and Patrick van der Vorst, a new co-experte: galeriste Sofie Van de Velde. Also the location is new. This spring to pass through all the pieces in the Old Court of justice in Hasselt, belgium, where the salespeople do their piece to try to wear out in the specially designed by the experts appointed rooms.

also Tom Waes, Christoff, Peter Van Asbroeck, Luc Appermont, Lesley-Ann Poppe & Tiany Kiriloff come along

Christoff: “I’m not a hard negotiator, I’m a softie.”
Lesley-Ann Poppe: “I’m not going to be sweet for the experts, because that is the fun of the program.”
Peter Van Asbroeck: “I am a good negotiator and I am on a mission.”
Luc Appermont: “at Home I have never the last word, but in Pieces of People I can try to do so.”
Tiany Kiriloff: “I’m totally not used to negotiating, and I’m also not a hard aunt. The feeling should simply just sitting.”

In Pieces of People seize this season also some well-known Flemish people their chance to have a nice amount of money on iron for their object. So pull Waes, Luc Appermont, Peter Van Asbroeck, Tiany Kiriloff, Christoff and Lesley-Ann Poppe in the direction of Hasselt. In addition, there are also a host of very unique and striking pieces that are the mouths of the experts opening, such as the Colt-revolver of the former president J. F. Kennedy and a painting of Herman Brood. The candidates will the game’s cool-headed and smart enough to play to the room to walk with a hearty amount? And will the dealers each other’s outperform to be the best, most beautiful, most expensive and most exclusive object to get it?

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