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Mathieu Van der Poel wins despite a slight dip in Hoogerheide, Aerts is second and picks up victory for the nose of van Aert

Mathieu van der Poel has the last world cup race in Hoogerheide won. The Dutchman had a difficult time halfway through and had to even Show Aers, but in the second half of the cross returned to the European champion to his old form and has performed as a soloist for the victory. The belgian champion was second before Wout van Aert, that is a whole cross had to chase and chase after in extremis the overall victory in the world Cup. The only consolation for the world champion: by the victory of Aerts of Belgium will be entitled to one-eighth rider on the world cup in Bogense and can be Of Aerts buddy Tim Merlier still.

Who grabs the victory in the world Cup: Wout van Aert, or Show Aerts? That was the big question for the start of the last race in Hoogerheide. The difference between the Belgian champion and the world champion: three points in favor of van Aert. It was simple: who first ended, picks up the victory. But there is, of course, also has to be someone with the name Mathieu van der Poel. The European champion took in the first round already in the lead and it was only Aerts that his trolley at the Dutchman could aanpikken. Van Aert raced in the first round by mistake in the materiaalpost and was thus forced to the bicycle exchange and was to immediately chase on ten seconds of the kopduo.

Up front, Van der Poel is actually a difficult moment knew. The impact of his internship which he Thursday returned? It seemed, especially when the Dutchman a minute later Wout van Aert on and saw it come.

Van der Poel revives

Meanwhile, it was Aerts already ten seconds away From Aert, which have been ended in the world Cup in danger saw. Into the bargain, and returned not much later, Van der Poel back on the Kempenaar and had to Aert the 25-fold winner of this season also.

And Van der Poel? That was his dip back to the top and ran in no time in the wake of Aerts. With two kept Aerts and Van der Poel number three Of Aert a time, about 18 seconds, but that stronger back and could have been behind yet again reduced to ten seconds. The signal for Van der Poel to the tree to shake. With a suffocating pace he rode in the penultimate round Aerts from the wheel in the direction of his sixth victory in a world cup race this season.

Consolation for Van Aert

Belgian champion Aerts lost in the final lap, still a pack of time, but he managed Wout van Aert to keep and so to the winner of the world Cup crowns. The only consolation for Van Aert: by the victory of Aerts of Belgium will be entitled to one-eighth rider on the world cup in Bogense and can be Of Aerts buddy Tim Merlier, who is first reserve, still.

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