Maduro wants Trump to speak

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Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro rejects European ultimatum to quick elections to organize, but is it open to a ” dialogue with Donald Trump’.

Preliminary do the American diplomats in Venezuela, the country not to leave. In an interview with the Turkish CNN says president Nicolas Maduro that he is willing to work with the United States to enter into dialogue. He had earlier the diplomats – to the loud cheers of supporters – ordered within the 72 hours to leave. ‘A meeting with Trump is unlikely, but not impossible’, said the socialist president.

Venezuela is already more than a week in turmoil. During mass protests in which hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans in Caracas their anger cry out, ” the relatively unknown opposition leader Juan Guaidó himself the new leader. He was quickly recognized by the United States, Canada, and neighboring Colombia. In Europe to warn Britain, Germany and France that they Guaidó also will recognize if Maduro does not within eight days take this action.

The support of Russia and Turkey

Supporters of Maduro speaking of a coup. The president rejects European ultimatum, and says that Guaidó’s statements are in conflict with the constitution. The socialist feels strengthened by Russia and Turkey, which to him openly continue to support. Maduro retains for the support of the army, although a major military envoy to the United States Saturday overran the camp of Guaidó.

Meanwhile, moans the population of the rich olieland under a mass-inflation of more than 1 million percent. Department stores are empty and the Venezuelans to lose massive weight. In the hospitals are important medicines will no longer be available and the escalating crime rate requires every year, tens of thousands of lives. Millions of people have already fled to other countries in Latin America.

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