Leader’s yellow bibs ‘lifelong disability’ after clash with police

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Jérôme Rodrigues, a prominent member of the yellow shirts in France, became Saturday injured on his eye. On video footage shows a police officer a projectile firing, after which Rodrigues to the ground. “I’m going to my eye to lose.’

Saturday came the yellow vests together again at the Place de la Bastille in Paris for the eleventh protestweekend of the movement. Re were thousands of angry Frenchmen present to the resignation of president Emmanuel Macron. One of the leaders of the movement, Jérôme Rodrigues, filmed the massive politieaanwezigheid when he suddenly was hit on his eye. Politiebronnen tell the French news agency AFP that the flashball-grenade would go. That may normally only serve as a ‘last resort’ for people to disperse and can cause a lot of damage if they are close to explode.

According to the lawyer of Rodrigues is the man ‘lifelong disability’. Christophe Castaner, the French minister of the Interior, promises on Twitter that there is a thorough internal investigation into the incident. “I will lodge a complaint against mr. Macron, against mr. Castaner and against the agent who has on me shot,” says Rodrigues of The Guardian.

Hit on social media

‘I remain pacifist, whatever happens, ” says Rodrigues. He is very popular on social media and often publishes videos of the demonstrations. A picture of his swollen face with the caption ” I will my lose, best family’ was after one day, already more than 42,000 times shared.

The flashball-grenades from the riot police have been associated with dozens of injuries, including a lost eye, another protester. Videos of police brutality work as oil on the fire for the movement. Binnenlandminister Castaner ordered last weekend that agents which the grenades use bodycamera should wear.

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