Julen (2) survived the fall may not

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The Spanish toddler who died after a fall in a poorly sealed well, Sunday had already been buried. The body of Julen (2) in the night from Friday to Saturday, only to be found by rescue workers after 13 days of digging. According to Spanish media, the trap itself to him fatal.

According to Spanish media on Sunday at 12.30 pm, a religious farewell ceremony held at the cemetery of El Palo, located on the beach area in Malaga. At 13.30 hours will follow the funeral itself. Julen will of his brother Oliver to be buried, that in 2017 died of heart failure during a walk on the beach.


The body of Julen Roselló was in the night from Friday to Saturday around 1.25 hours found in a water well in the village of Totalán, after a rescue mission of 13 days. Saturday morning was the corpse to a forensic institute in Malaga for an autopsy.


The Public Ministry has the results have not yet been officially released, but according to various Spanish media would be the toddler a ‘free fall’ of n 71 feet, with his feet down and arms up, to the point where the miners later found.

Head injury

In addition, there is a ‘serious head injury’ and ‘multiple bruises and injuries’. Injury that he presumably suffered repeatedly against pieces of stone and hard sand to collide.

The injuries of the boy indicate that he immediately after his fall, died, and so no longer has ago.

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