Has Taliban agreement on withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan?

Talibanmedewerkers claim that the American negotiators Saturday agreed on a draft agreement that provides for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan within 18 months after the signing of the peace agreement. Learned that Reuters, at the end of a meeting in Qatar between the taliban and the U.s. envoy for Afghanistan, Zalmai Khalilzad.

Neither party made an official statement after the talks. Khalilzad tweette Saturday afternoon, however, that there is ” important progress was made on the key issues’, and that he is now in Afghanistan for travelling for meetings.

According to the sources within the taliban gave their islamic movement guarantees that are not allowed will be that Afghanistan by al-Qaida and the militants of Islamic State used to be the United States and their allies to attack, a key demand of Washington. They also said that the deal, a cease-fire, and that they were only conversations would tie in with Afghan representatives as soon as that is implemented.

Until now, the taliban are the invitations of the Afghan government for talks always rejected. They are elected directly to the United States to talk, their main enemy.

In February, according to the sources again talked about the draft agreement in Qatar.

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