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Glen De Boeck, take false start: Lokeren suffered a heavy defeat against Essevee

f3f53401258e3d06690c4df8dbc87f16 - Glen De Boeck, take false start: Lokeren suffered a heavy defeat against Essevee

Operation rescue is still somewhat more difficult for Lokeren. The red lantern had in his own house absolutely win of Zulte Waregem, the penultimate, but the race was a disappointment for the home team. Essevee went with a 0-3 win and dipped Daknam in mourning. View the images from 23 hours on world of!

How should this Lokeren in the hell to maintain in first class A? We can there after the degradatietopper against Zulte Waregem is no answer to give. It was all far too soft and there is a large lack of quality. There was barely any pace in the balcirculatie and there were barely a hundred percent of chances created. We fear sure Lokeren this defeat no longer comes up. At a given moment, started a few in the audience their own players to jeer at. The Book is simply a mission impossible. The gap is now nine points with Zulte Waregem.

We know. Football is not on paper played, but the program hit, the city of Lokeren, there are not so good for. Next week there is the displacement in the direction of Kortrijk, Antwerp and attracts Lokeren to Standard.

They saw it, however, as well be sitting at Daknam. If the full loot was kept at home, it came to within three points of Zulte Waregem. Chairman Roger Lambrecht grip last week, and asked Glen De Boeck as a coach in the place of Trond Sollied. De Boeck has a patent on clubs, rescue in full degradatienood. Tirpan, Mpati and Reznicek he brought to the kick-off. Musona – last week the best man at Lokeren on Eupen – was missing due to illness and therefore started Hupperts to the party.

No shockeffect

A new coach usually makes for a shockeffect. At least, that had chairman Lambrecht thought. The wedstrijdbegin promised not much good. Both teams started somewhat hesitant to the party. How would you are if there is so much at stake. Lokeren tried the game and also got one big opportunity, albeit on a corner kick. Reznicek was completely detached head, but he did that too weak. Hupperts preserved than not, and brought to wild for. That was about what the city of Lokeren.

After half an hour took Zulte Waregem in the match more in the hands. Soon resulted in a goal. Peeters sent Bjordal the street, and he found, in turn, Harbaoui: 0-1. First was rejected for offside, but then grabbed the VAR. Barely 120 seconds later, Bongonda sharp for, The Peacock nodded to the inside of the first post. You read that right, two players with a past in Lokeren put the match of the last chance for the red lantern in a decisive move. The cups went in the home team quickly down. De Boeck sent in by Cevallos, but that did not matter much. Also Mujangi Bia and Terki were the meadow submitted. Much more threatening was not. A fat quarter for affluiten was Harbaoui there with the shot in the neck in reference to The fauw: 0-3 and books.

Zulte Waregem, on the other hand can almost sleep on both ears. The gap is deepened to nine points with the red lantern. That bonus is giving away seven match would not do. And Lokeren? That remained orphaned.

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