Feyenoord after resting on edge in doelpuntrijke Classic

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Feyenoord after resting on edge in doelpuntrijke Classic

The 27th of January 2019 11:37
27-01-19 11:37
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In the Premier league are Sunday’s four matches on the programme, where the most eyes are of course focused on The Classic between Feyenoord and Ajax in The Tub (started at 14.30). Don’t miss out on all the matches in this liveblog.

Feyenoord-Ajax (3-2)
FC Utrecht-Willem II (0-1)

16.45 pm:
sc Heerenveen-AZ

Fortuna Sittard-Vitesse 2-1 InThe Classic · 2 minutes geleden51′ If Ajax loses in The Cockpit, the deficit on PSV, that yesterday with a 2-1 won by FC Groningen, on to five points. Enough reason for a worrisome look at Ajax-trainer Erik at Hag.De Classic · 5 minutes geleden49′ The first good chance in the second half for Feyenoord. Vilhena is properly unlocked, but misses the goal from Ajax on a metertje.De Classic · 9 minutes geleden46′ The second half of the 126e Classic has begun. Keep Feyenoord and Ajax the extremely high tempo from the first half full?FC Utrecht-Willem II · 10 minutes ago46′ GOAL for Willem II! 0-1

The people of tilburg come after peace, rapid advances in Utrecht. Daniel Crowley scores with a dry bang for the bezoekers.De Classic · 16 minutes geledenGeen hopeful statistic for Ajax.

Ajax won the Eredivisie never a Classic in The Cockpit in which it is at rest behind (W0-G6-V12). #Classic #feyaja @Feyenoord


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen15:27 – 27 January 2019De Classic · 18 minutes ago

Between the two Eredivisie-goals scored by robin Van Persie in The Classic were 5.831 days. He facilitated on February 9, 2003 in the ArenA for the 1-1-eindstand.De Classic · 25 minutes agoREST.

What a first half we have behind the back! Five goals and also had a lot of missed opportunities. Feyenoord with 3-2 tentatively on the good side of the score, but there is nothing decided in this zany Classic.FC Utrecht-Willem II · 26 minutes geledenHet is peace in Utrecht. Still no goals at FC Utrecht-Willem II.De Classic · 26 minutes geleden44′ Larsson seems to close to 4-2, but is offside. Defensively, the chaos asset to Ajax, so Feyenoord chance on chance can creëren.De Classic · 31 minutes ago42′ GOAL Feyenoord! 3-2

Precisely at the moment that Ajax is better, saves Feyenoord. Robin van Persie, this time the celebrated man. The captain of the Team shows up for Onana and shoot kiezelhard touch. Already the second assist of Toornstra, who is himself the first Feyenoord goal maakte.De Classic · 31 minutes geleden41′ It continues but chances to rain in this exciting Classic. Ziyech can close out, but sees his shot blocked by Van Beek. Ajax is clearly the better team at the end of the first helft.De Classic · 33 minutes geledenZiyech made earlier this season, is already a hit against Feyenoord. Last season, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar following his departure to chelsea who managed to be in both duels with Feyenoord to scoren.De Classic · 36 minutes geleden35′ A huge opportunity for Everton to re-lead to come!!! Mazraoui to sleep and let the ball compete by Larsson. The Swede shoots the ball but just about the kruising.De Classic · 39 minutes ago34′ GOAL Ajax! 2-2

The answer of Ajax allows only three minutes to wait. Ziyech responds quickly and shoot from near touch. It is total silence in The Cockpit, that saw Feyenoord of the match just seemed to krijgen.De Classic · 42 minutes ago31′ GOAL Feyenoord! 2-1

Feyenoord will bend the backlog in rapid pace to a lead. Mountain house is full to the attention of the Ajax defenders escapes and works the ball in two attempts behind Onana. Toornstra, the creator of the first Feyenoord-goal, the assist.De Classic · 44 minutes geleden28′ Feyenoord afraid of the duels do not, and press Ajax thus considerably backward.

Makkelie arouses anger #Ajax by free kick after free kick to #Feyenoord. Often go by the way. Of the Brook, and The Young complain. #feyaja


AuteurMike VerweijMoment of plaatsen14:58 – 27 January 2019De Classic · one hour ago

Ajax goalkeeper Onana see with dismay how the deployment of Toonstra in the goal disappears.

The Classic · one hour geleden23′ One more time for robin Van Persie. The captain slips away at the time that he was a free-kick. That has Van Persie ever done better!The Classic · one hour geleden21′ Feyenoord is completely brought to life by the hit of Toornstra and is now the parent team. The corners of the team to deliver, however, is still not great odds op.De Classic · one hour geledenGoede figures for Toornstra in The Classic: For the midfielder is already his third goal against Ajax. Last season he also made the 1-1 in the thuisduel with Ajax.De Classic · one hour ago,16′ GOAL Feyenoord! 1-1

From the nothing is there at the end! Toornstra takes the ball after an assist from mountain house is handsome to and shoot Feyenoord, that in the first quarter, little had to bring in, again in addition to Ajax in The Klassieker.De Classic · one hour geleden13′ Another chance for Ajax. Ziyech succeeds as not to Tadic to reach, but it looked very threatening uit.De Classic · one hour ago

For Lasse Schöne is the second goal from a free kick in The Classic. Last season did following his departure to chelsea in the ArenA (2-1 win). In addition, this is the fastest Ajax goal in De Kuip since 21 september 2014, when Ricardo van Rhijn after five minutes the score opened.FC Utrecht-Willem II · one hour geleden10′ Still no goals in the early stages in Utrecht. The home team is the most gevaarlijk.De Classic · one hour geleden10′ There is it already almost 0-2. Van Beek defends dramatic, but Dolberg forget the gift to grab and shoot right on Vermeer.De Classic · one hour ago8′ GOAL Ajax! 0-1

What a start for Ajax in The Classic! Specialist Schöne shoot a free kick with a lot of feelings about the wall in the short corner. The free kick was awarded after a minor infringement of Botteghin on Dolberg.De Classic · one hour geleden5′ Magallán delivers the ball, sloppy in, but Feyenoord can in the subsequent attack will not benefit. Not a good time for the base-debutant in Ajax.De Classic · one hour geleden2′ The first shot of the contest is of Dolberg. The attempt of the Danish Ajax striker is rescued by Vermeer.De Classic · one hour geleden1′ Donny van de Beek has The Classic corridor shot. And We are off!FC Utrecht-Willem II · one hour geleden1′ The ball rolling in Utrecht. FC Utrecht against Willem II.De Classic · one hour geledenEen wonderful atmosphere in a packed full Bowl.

Wonderful work by @DeFeijenoorder!
#feyaja #Classic


AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen14:30 – 27 January 2019De Classic · one hour geledenDe players come onto the field. The Classic is on the verge of beginnen.De Classic · one hour geledenFeyenoord can afternoon of 1,200 e victory in the Premier league books. Only opponent Ajax (1.400) and PSV (1.288) reached this milestone earlier al.De Classic · one hour geledenTijdens the warm-up shoot the Players already with sharp.

Prick! 🎯
#ajafey #Classic


AuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen14:19 – 27 January 2019Fortuna Sittard-Vitesse · 2 hours geledenEen starring for Vitesse goalkeeper Eduardo, who with his one assist happier than with his other.

Officially, there is no assist on a goal by the opponent, but Vitesse goalkeeper Eduardo is believed to be the 1st keeper in the Premier league history with a real assist and an assist on a still in strong position in the same contest. #ForVit


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen14:08 – January 27, 2019De Classic · 2 hours ago”I have many lovers in my team who all want to play. But if we are 3-0 arsenal, David Neres still in the bank, then you need this kind of players save”, aims At Hag on the exchange of Hakim Ziyech in the rest of the bekerduel with sc Heerenveen. “We know how to deal with pressure. We must quickly undercuts. You must estimate where you can play football.”The Classic · 2 hours ago”We are alert on the transfer market on buitenkansjes”, says Erik ten Hag about attracting goalkeeper Bruno Varela. “Of course, we have Lamprou and Onana spoken. Kostas responded professionally and is going to fight.Fortuna Sittard-Vitesse · 2 hours ago

Invaders help Fortuna to victory
Fortuna Sittard wins with 2-1 Vitesse and picks up three important points in the battle at the bottom. Invaders Lars Hutten and Finn Stokkers bending deep in the second half of a 0-1 disadvantage (goal Linssen) to a victory. The series winning goal of Stokkers in the 92nd minute is one to remember.

Fortuna Sittard-Vitesse · 2 hours ago90+2′ GOAL Fortuna Sittard! 2-1

Fortuna is the victory grab, thanks to a brilliant goal by Stokkers! He gets the ball in his feet aangespeeld by Eduardo and shoot the ball then with a fine curl on the blunderende Portuguese keeper heen.De Classic · 2 hours geledenDe players are on the field doing warm-up. Still half an hour until the kick-off in Rotterdam.Fortuna Sittard-Vitesse · 2 hours geleden90′ Fortuna and Vitesse are heading for a draw, or the four minutes of injury time still something spectacular gebeuren.De Classic · 2 hours agoVan Bronckhorst: ‘Have real outside players need’
“The balance in the team, even compared to Ajax, it is better with this society,” says trainer Van Bronckhorst, who opts for Tonny Vilhena, Jens Toornstra and Jordy van la parra in midfield, against FOX Sports. “Today I have real outside players need against the defense to Ajax. Therefore plays Sam Larsson and not Nicolai Jörgensen.”Fortuna Sittard-Vitesse · 2 hours geleden81′ No penalty, according to the VAR. Remarkable, because this week in the bekerduel with Feyenoord got the Task at a similar time, however, a penalty against.Fortuna Sittard-Vitesse · 2 hours geleden80′ Fortuna’s cries for a penalty after a handsbal of Bero in the penalty area. The VAR is going to kijken.De Classic · 2 hours ago

Last season won Ajax 1-4 in The Cockpit. The Locals in the past few years well in the Classic. The last four were won and the last defeat in the Eredivisie for Ajax-January 2012 (4-2 to Feyenoord).

The Classic · 2 hours geledenHoe ends the Classic?

  • Profit Feyenoord
  • Profit Ajax
  • Tie

Fortuna Sittard-Vitesse · 2 hours ago74′ GOAL Fortuna Sittard! 1-1

Substitute player Lars Hutten proves its value for Fortuna. Fifteen minutes after being in the field has come to slide the midfielder a cross from Vidigal behind goalkeeper Eduardo. The missed chances for Vitesse in this way duration.Fortuna Sittard-Vitesse · 2 hours geleden57 ” Not for the first time this afternoon and a good chance for Vitesse to 0-2. A shot of Martin Ødegaard in the far corner is turned by Fortuna goalkeeper Alexei Koselev.De Classic · 2 hours geledenGeen Nicolai Jörgensen and Jan-Arie van der Heijden with the Locals. The duo starts on the bench.

Preparation Feyenoord 🔴⚪️⚫️
#feyaja #Classic


AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen13:29 – 27 January 2019Back to top

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