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Defender De Smet kicks AA Gent masterfully over KV Kortrijk

bc0d4a68b3957e4bb93d2647a55d3299 - Defender De Smet kicks AA Gent masterfully over KV Kortrijk

A lack of efficiency in the second half, COC acid broken. An icicle of De Smet gave a quarter of an hour for the time the fate of the home team who now completely PO1 allowed to forget. The second consecutive defeat under Vanderhaeghe but the Guys deserved at least a draw.

Kortrijk is still in Play-off 1? ‘Then we should have six of the remaining eight matches to win, ” had the CHAMBER of commerce coach Yves Vanderhaeghe counted. Home win against Gent was therefore a must, also because the Buffalo is one of the major competitors for a place on PO1. Already it seemed that the Buffalo, which after the profit of STVV get out of the top 6 were cases but provided a victory to their ex-coach again to the sixth place were rockers there is not too much you may believe. The cup final was apparently more important, with the second leg of the semi-final in Ostend Wednesday for the bow, loved coach Jess Thorup just next to gain Bezus also bassispelers Souquet, Sorloth, Bronn and Asare along the side – Odjidja did not fit. In addition, the Dane also for the first time with a driemansverdediging, Plastun-Derijck-Rosted. Unnecessary audacity, actually.

Kortrijk started his basisploeg and immediately resulted for the first time danger, Avenatti came just a bit too short. But shortly afterwards, it was still 0-1: Dompé found from links the for purpose free-standing David simple his sixth of the season inschoot. Kumordzi is a good defender but makes every match of his mistake(s).

That was quite a scare for the home team, but ten minutes later it was again the same. Mboyo put himself well on the left and Ouali was his hard ball to the second pole perfect typing (1-1). A nice beginning and so it remained nice back and forth waves. With slightly more possession for the home team, but the best chances were for the visitors: Bruzzese had a vrijschop of Dompé out of his square, whip, David and Smith, who just in addition to shots…

With the 1-1 halftime shots both teams, however, not a lot, but it was Kortrijk that under the impetus of a particularly busy Mboyo after the coffee straight away frantically in the direction of Kaminski pulled. So was petit Pélé from the left deftly Avenatti but the ado of the Uruguyaan splashed on Kaminski.

In the intersection

But it could be worse. Again Mboyo operated perfectly the incoming Ouali but his bet was met on the cover strip. And on the hour was Mboyo also close by. Just to say: Kortrijk, excellent driven by Van Der Bruggen, came in that fourth quarter quite a set up. Far wanted to the visitors now also not come out, Thorup brought first Sorloth, and a little later also Bezus and Chakvetadze. The race could now both sides, have already caused outbreaks of Kortrijk for the most danger, as was the headline in The Sart just next to it. But the goal fell on the other side. After losing the ball from Kumordzi, yes, wrong the young Thibault De Smet in schietpositie, which he wonderfully the ball in the intersection and drove. Bruzzese was so perplexed that he moment later a shot from Bezus very incompetently solved, but the intikker of Dejaegere was because of offside disapproved. However, the home team still in a position for a passionate final assault, but it was in a bright and bitsig not make a second goal. CHAMBER of commerce earned mainly because of that first half-hour after the rest better but remained empty handed. Six match win in seven, that is quite impossible. Thorup had taken risks, but came away very well.

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