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Club Bruges fights back and goes on and on KV Oostende

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Club Brugge with 1-2 on the field of KV Oostende won. Blue-black was already after two minutes to start chasing a goal in a Club Brugge-mercenary Jordi Brown, but turned the situation thanks to two penalties after half to. By the victory is Club Brugge only second on seven points of leader Racing Genk.

Club Brugge coach Ivan Leko had a few changes in store after the thuisnederlaag against Charleroi. Siebe Writers came out in support of striker Wesley Moraes to play, Krépin Diatta was in the squad on the right and midfielder Sofyan Amrabat took actually back place, to be there more talk power to create. KV Oostende-coach Gert Verheyen tried to counter with the fast Fashion Sakala in the front.

The home team had no point to get up against a team from the G5 and the new calendar year, clearly with good intentions started. Less than 12 seconds were played when Marvelous Nakamba Oostende midfielder Fernando Canesin brought down just outside the penalty area. Club Brugge-mercenary Jordi Brown sat behind the ball and kicked the leather layer by the wall. Immediately 1-0.

Great save from Dutoit

The ideal scenario for the Kustboys, but the answer of Club Bruges soon followed. Wout Faes had a ball away just before the line, Ruud Molder threw a volley over. The danger came from the right side of Club Bruges, where Diatta is particularly active showed. The equalizer, however, remained: Oostende goalkeeper William Dutoit held a header from Stefano Denswil from his goal, Hans Vanaken kicked wildly about, and Wesley was his header is not framing.

On the stroke of peace followed the biggest chance of the match. Wesley laid the ball off for the free-standing Vanaken, who are volley very toward the corner the hustle and bustle. The entire stadium saw the ball already in, but that was outside Dutoit made, that the ball with the fingertips just against the pole could push. Whole penalty save from the goalie of the Kustboys.

Two penalty’s in turning the situation around

A strong Club Brugge drew the line in the first half, however, just by after rest, and it was not long to wait until the locks on the Coast opened up. The home team forgot after the break to play football, was driven back in their own penalty and the hot sex positions next to each other. At one of the many phases in the sixteen was a strong playing Siebe Writers simply wriggle kicked out by Amin Nouri. Penalty! A breeze for Golden boot and Hans Vanaken, who is 1-1 straight into goal kicked.

Ten minutes later it was back of that. Laurens De Bock, yet a player with a history at Club Brugge, he made the flashy hands. Referee Lardot gave first a free kick, but changed his opinion in reference to the videoref: re penalty for Club Brugge. The result was some commotion when Wesley hit the ball hard strafschopnemer Vanaken ontfutselde – to the frustration of his team mates and captain Ruud Shaper. Fortunately for the Brazilian kicked he neatly within: 1-2. The first goal in three months for a visibly frustrated Wesley.

KV Oostende is in the end up

Club Brugge had his sheep on the dry and let the pace what to celebrate. This allowed the home team is still at odds, and even a final assault. Zivkovic had, however, to need much time in the sixteen and when Denswil the ball in the own penalty against the arm of Vanaken aanknalde found ref Lardot that the hit ball went. Leko and Club Brugge heaved a sigh of relief.

By the victory is Club Brugge only second in the state. Blue-and-black to seven points of leader Racing Genk.

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