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Brecht Evens was awarded with important international stripprijs

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At the comic festival of Angoulême, the largest comic festival in Europe, is the comic artist Brecht Evens Saturday night in the awards. He won the ‘special prize of the jury”, and the second most important award of the prijzenavond at the festival in the French city. Also the Walloon comic book artist Julien Lambert was the stage.

Brecht Evens, who lives and works in Paris, received the jury prize for his graphic novel “The Entertainment”.

The jury prize is awarded “to a book in which the jury particularly to the attention of the public wish to establish, because of its narrative and graphic qualities, and the originality of his development”, so are Leuven, uitgeverij Oogachtend.

In The entertainment follows Brecht Evens three characters a night long in the city. ‘Evens surpasses himself in his latest book. It is full of visual discoveries’, it sounded in the review in The Standard. “You can read the book and reread and still discover new things’.

Second time

Evens fell in 2011 in the prices of Angoulême. He then won the Prix de l’Audace for “Somewhere you don’t want to be”.

Even in the official competition won Julien Lambert the price Fauve Polar SNCF for his comic strip “VilleVermine T1”.

Top prizes for women

The main prize of the evening, the Fauve d’or for best comic strip there, went to the U.s. Emil Ferris for ‘My Favorite Thing Is Monsters’. She is only the sixth woman, who, with the prize going to run since the start of the festival of Angoulême in 1974.

Earlier this week, had a wife, the Japanese Rumiko Takahash, the grand prize of the festival won. That is awarded each year to a writer for the entirety of his work. Takahash, only the second woman to the great price, sold worldwide more than 200 million mangas.

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