Belgian (51) died in a crash between a helicopter and plane in the Italian Alps

In the crash between a helicopter and a plane in the Italian Alps is Friday, also a Belgian to life. That confirms the ministry of Foreign Affairs to our editors. The 51-year-old A. G. was as a student pilot in the airplane, his body was Saturday recovered by Italian rescue workers.

The crash took Friday, place on top of the Rutor glacier in the Italian Alps, near the ski resort of La Thuile in the province of Aosta near the French border: an ultralight plane came in collision with a helicopter that is used for skiers. In the first instance, there was five dead, but Saturday was the 20 rescuers are still two bodies in 50 meters of the wrecks, buried by snow.

According to the Italian news agency Ansa died in the helicopter and five people: a pilot Maurizio Scarpelli (53), mountain guide Frank Henssler (49), and three German skiers. Two occupants of the plane survived the crash nor: the Frenchman Bruno Marais (59) and the Belgian A. G. (51). These would be the bodies of the Frenchmen and our countryman are that Saturday only were salvaged. The ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms today the death of our compatriot, and reports that the embassies in Paris and Rome with the matter.

There were no witnesses of the crash, but according to head of the rescue service Paolo Comune found the collision probably place on several tens of meters height, after which the wreckage of the plane scattered over an area of about 400 square meters.

Instructor arrested

Two people survived the collision, but suffered serious injuries: German skier Martin Warner (34) in the helicopter, and the Frenchman Philippe Michel (64) in the small plane. The plane in question was a model San Jodel D. 140 Mousquetaire’, which was ascended in the French Megève and wanted to land on the glacier. Michel was a flight instructor and was sitting in the back of the device, the Marais and Goffin were a student pilot and sat in the front seat.

The public prosecutor of the province of Aosta, Paolo Fortuna, opened already an investigation into the circumstances of the crash. According to the Italian police came to the plane, namely in the Italian airspace without the Italian air traffic control on the height. Flight instructor Michel was, therefore, in suspicion of manslaughter.


The man is out of danger, but there is still on the intensive care service of the Parini hospital in Aosta. There was already an attempt is made to interrogate him, but according to Italian media refused a Frenchman, to answer questions of the researchers. ‘At this moment my client is in shock, and he can still not reconstruct what happened, ” says his lawyer, Jacques Fosson. Rather, he should already be against the rescue workers have said that they are ” the helicopter had not seen, appeared suddenly before us’.

Michel is formally arrested, and is monitored. If his injuries permit, he will be transferred to the prison in Brissogne.

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