AZ takes in the second half the lead in Heerenveen

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AZ takes in the second half the lead in Heerenveen

The 27th of January 2019 11:37
27-01-19 11:37
Last update: 13 minutes ago
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Feyenoord Sunday in The Classic Ajax with a 6-2 humiliated. At 16.45 hours is sc Heerenveen-AZ started the last match of the nineteenth round. Read the highlights and all of the responses in this liveblog.

sc Heerenveen-AZ 0-1

Fortuna Sittard-Vitesse 2-1
Feyenoord-Ajax 6-2
FC Utrecht-Willem II 0-1Heerenveen-AZ · one minute geleden78′ GOAL AZ! 0-2

What a bizarre match! Oussama Idrissi see Warner Hahn a little too far for his goal with a corner kick and curled the ball into the goal.Heerenveen-AZ · 8-minute geledenEen remarkable statistic: Heerenveen this year has now been more own goals than last year.

2 – sc Heerenveen have already scored more Premier league own goals in 2019 (2) than in 2018 (1). Confused.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen18:10 – 27 January 2019Heerenveen-AZ · 16 minutes ago63′ GOAL AZ! 0-1

What an unfortunate time for Floranus. The play of Heerenveen slips a sharp cross from Midtsjø in his own goal and put AZ thus inadvertently lead.Heerenveen-AZ · 23 minutes geleden56′ There was AZ very close to the 0-1. Seuntjens gets out, but sees his bet just on the wrong side of the pole disappear.Heerenveen-AZ · 25 minutes geleden52 ” The start of the second half is encouraging with kansjes over and over again. Bergen test AZ-goalkeeper Bizot from a difficult angle and on the other hand, are Seuntjens and Rienstra dangerous.Heerenveen-AZ · 32 minutes geleden46′ The second half is started. We still goals in this last match of the nineteenth round?Heerenveen-AZ · one hour agoREST.

There is preliminary little to enjoy in the Abe Lenstra Stadium. 0-0 is the logical standby.Heerenveen-AZ · one hour geleden40′ five minutes until the rest in the Abe Lenstra Stadium, where the spectators still no goals. Oussama Idrissi airport is close to the opening goal from AZ, but his shot goes just next to it. On the other hand, disappears a bet of Ben Rienstra also just next to the doel.De Classic · one hour geledenDirect after the match and spoke At the Hag a hearty word with his players in the dressing room. “We have the players faced. We have good things to show, but football is more than possession of the ball.” By the great defeat of Ajax is the hole with the leader PSV increased to five points. Number three Feyenoord has thirteen points less than the Eindhovenaren.De Classic · one hour ago

‘Cantankerous’ At the Hag thinks failure is not on title
Erik ten Hag has no good word to say about the way his team Sunday when Feyenoord lost. “Today, I would not titelrace thinking and am very cranky, especially because of the way we have lost. We must now really turn around,” says the Ajax coach at FOX Sports. “In the first competitiehelft we got eight goals against and is now ten in two matches. We have our defensive assignments is not well fulfilled. It was bad. We started well, but then we got appointments.”

The Classic · one hour ago

Ziyech: ‘Collapsed like a house of cards collapsing’
Hakim Ziyech speaks of an “outrageous display” of Ajax in The Classic. “We will start the first twenty minutes was still good and come back to 2-2. But after the 3-2, we don’t have to adjust and will collapse like a house of cards collapsed. It is very easy to now only the defence to blame, but it starts, of course, already in the front. Or we still believe in the title? Of course, there are still many matches to play.”

Heerenveen-AZ · one hour geleden23′ Halfway through the first half is still 0-0 in the province of Friesland. Sam Lammers will get the chance to Heerenveen on a lead to convert, but he forgets to take it out. At AZ provides Mats Seuntjens of danger, but his shot is a simple prey for Warner Hahn.De Classic · one hour ago

“Here, people will for years talk about’
The week in which Giovanni van Bronckhorst, will publish after this season to quit as coach of Feyenoord, ending with a 6-2 victory in The Classic. “This is a historic day,” said the trainer at FOX Sports. “I have advance against the players said that they are a match had to deliver, where the people years and years to come would talk about. That is what they have done. What I’ve seen makes me very proud.”

The Classic · one hour ago

Angry The Is: ‘This was outrageous’
Matthijs de ligt understands nothing of the setting that Ajax today on the field was in The Cockpit. “The willingness to give all, there seemed to be not to be and in a Classic is that outrageous. Everyone is by the basket cases today. There will now primarily look to the defense, but we defended for the winsterstop as a team. Today we showed that.”Heerenveen-AZ · 2-hour geleden1′ The ball rolls in the Abe Lenstra Stadium. If AZ one point grabs in the province of Friesland, the Alkmaarders fourth place in the ranking of Vitesse.De Classic · 2 hours ago

Most goals Feyenoord in ‘Classic’ vs. Ajax:
6-2 in league 29 Jan 2019
9-4 in league 29 Nov 1964
9-5 in league 28 Aug 1960
1-6 in euro cup play-off 6 Jun 1960
7-3 in league 11 Nov 1956 #feyAJA #classic


AuteurGracenote LiveMoment of plaatsen16:36 – 27 January 2019Heerenveen-AZ · 2-hour geledenOm 16.45 hours, the last Eredivisie match of this weekend of start. These are the setups:

SC Heerenveen: Hahn; Floranus, Høegh, Pierie, Woudenberg; Scarce, Rienstra, Van Amersfoort, Vlap; Lammers, Of Mountains.
AZ: Bizot; Svensson, Vlaar, Koopmeiners, Ouwejan; Midtsjø, Lift, Maher; Stengs, Seuntjens, Idrissi.De Classic · 2 hours ago

Robin Van Persie: ‘This is such a great feeling’
Robin van Persie is thoroughly enjoying the resounding victory of Feyenoord in The Classic. “This gives such a great feeling. It was really a strange race. Where I most enjoyed? Of our spirit. Everyone has done a fantastic battle.”The Classic · 2 hours ago

An afternoon to remember for the Feyenoord-fans. The end of February, Feyenoord and Ajax again against each other, but then in the semi-finals of the beker.De Classic · 2 hours ago

6 – @Feyenoord have scored six goals against Ajax in all competitions for the first time since Dec 1964 (9-4). Historic.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen16:24 – 27 January 2019FC Utrecht-Willem II · 2 hours agoRecent! Willem II picks up three points on a visit to FC Utrecht. Daniel Crowley is the man of the match with a rake bang right after rust.De Classic · 2 hours ago

Feyenoord humiliated Ajax in Classic
In a memorable Classic flick Feyenoord the floor with Ajax. The Rotterdam win after a 3-2-resting with 6-2. For Ajax an ugly misstep in the battle for the championship title, because behind leader PSV is five points. Feyenoord remains firmly in third place.

The Classic · 2 hours geleden90 “There will be two minutes stoppage time bij.De Classic · 2 hours geleden90′ Vermeer has no meaning in a third still in strong position and keep Ziyech of scoring. It would be for Ajax, just use a cloth for the bleeding have been on one for the Amsterdammers black middag.De Classic · 2 hours geleden87′ Feyenoord must continue with ten men. Botteghin is excited to lace up and seems to not return, while Giovanni van Bronckhorst three times already has gewisseld.De Classic · 2 hours geledenFeyenoord is only a few minutes away from a historic victory in The Classic.

Feyenoord for the first time since november 29, 1964 more than 4 goals against Ajax in an official duel. At the time, won with Feyenoord in the Eredivisie at home with 9-4 of the Locals. Feyenoord was still spelled as “Feyenoord”. #feyaja #classic


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen16:09 – January 27, 2019De Classic · 2 hours ago84′ GOAL Feyenoord! 6-2

Feyenoord makes the humiliation of Ajax complete! Jørgensen receives the ball from Ayoub, which is only a few minutes ago in the field has come. The substitute’s right Onana with a disc scrubber.FC Utrecht-Willem II · 2 hours geledenMet still a small ten minutes on the clock leads Willem II is still in Utrecht. What can the team of Dick Advocaat?The Classic · 2 hours geleden82′ Tadic had the 5-3 on his shoe, but Vermeer keeps the Serb, with a handsome rescue of scoring af.De Classic · 2 hours ago

Feyenoord is on the third place in the Premier league in a kind of no man’s land, but is gaining a home of both PSV as well as Ajax. In The Cockpit is the legion already at a big festival begonnen.De Classic · 2 hours ago

Feyenoord for the first time since november 29, 1964 more than 4 goals against Ajax in an official duel. At the time, won with Feyenoord in the Eredivisie at home with 9-4 of the Locals. Feyenoord was still spelled as “Feyenoord”. #feyaja #classic


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen16:09 – January 27, 2019De Classic · 2 hours ago

Most goals in 2019:
Ajax – 9
Fortuna Sittard – 6
Heracles Almelo – 5
ADO Den Haag – 5
VVV-Venlo – 5


AuteurMichel AbbinkMoment of plaatsen16:07 – 27 January 2019De Classic · 2 hours ago75′ GOAL Feyenoord! 5-2

It is now really over and out for Ajax. Vilhena decided the match, after re an assist from Toornstra for the fifth Feyenoord hit to tekenen.De Classic · 2 hours geleden72′ The last change at Ajax where Huntelaar in the field for Dolberg. At Feyenoord makes Perhaps his comeback after injuries. Full-Verdonk, who is an excellent match played, for him to the kant.De Classic · 2 hours geleden70′ Ajax must be with man and power to the front and therefore gives plenty of space away. Feyenoord forget still benefit, because Larsson the ball just not at Jørgensen krijgt.De Classic · 2 hours ago

Standing ovation in The Cockpit for the captain. Robin Van Persie leaves the field and is replaced by Jorgensen.


AuteurMark LeeneMoment of plaatsen15:59 – 27 January 2019De Classic · 2 hours geleden67′ to the loud applause Of the fa cup to the side. The maker of the third-and fourth-Feyenoord-goal is replaced by Nicolai Jørgensen.De Classic · 2 hours ago

With two goals, this Classic is for now the competition from Robin van Persie. He still has that one goal needed for the fifth player of the Team with a hattrick against Ajax in Eredivisie-related after John Guidetti (2012), Hans Venneker (1964), Henk Schouten (1960) and Daan den Bleijker (1956).

The Classic · 2 hours geleden62′ Almost aansluitingstreffer for Ajax. Ziyech tries from distance and hits the outside of the paal.De Classic · 3 hours geleden59′ At the Hag grabs in a double paging with Ajax. Of the Stream, and Magallán need to make room for Neres and Sinkgraven.De Classic · 3 hours ago

Goals Ajax:
First competitiehelft: 8
Second competitiehelft: 8


AuteurMichel AbbinkMoment of plaatsen15:46 – 27 January 2019De Classic · 3 hours ago,56′ GOAL Feyenoord! 4-2

Again scores Of this Match. After a splendid assist from mountain house, shoot the captain of the Team the ball with a simple voetbeweging behind Onana. A hammer blow for Ajax, that is now very far away from a result in The Kuip.De Classic · 3 hours geleden51′ If Ajax loses in The Cockpit, the deficit on PSV, that yesterday with a 2-1 won by FC Groningen, on to five points. Enough reason for a worrisome look at Ajax-trainer Erik at Hag.De Classic · 3 hours geleden49′ The first good chance in the second half for Feyenoord. Vilhena is properly unlocked, but misses the goal from Ajax on a metertje.De Classic · 3 hours geleden46′ The second half of the 126e Classic has begun. Keep Feyenoord and Ajax the extremely high tempo from the first half full?FC Utrecht-Willem II · 3 hours ago,46′ GOAL for Willem II! 0-1

The people of tilburg come after peace, rapid advances in Utrecht. Daniel Crowley scores with a dry bang for the bezoekers.De Classic · 3 hours geledenGeen hopeful statistic for Ajax.

Ajax won the Eredivisie never a Classic in The Cockpit in which it is at rest behind (W0-G6-V12). #Classic #feyaja @Feyenoord


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen15:27 – 27 January 2019De Classic · 3 hours ago

Between the two Eredivisie-goals scored by robin Van Persie in The Classic were 5.831 days. He facilitated on February 9, 2003 in the ArenA for the 1-1-eindstand.De Classic · 3 hours agoREST.

What a first half we have behind the back! Five goals and also had a lot of missed opportunities. Feyenoord with 3-2 tentatively on the good side of the score, but there is nothing decided in this zany Classic.Back to top

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