Venezuela rejects new elections, accuses U.S. of supporting coup

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Venezuela polarizes the global players. On the UN security council on Saturday met was called accused Russia and Venezuela, the USA, a coup d’etat support, while the U.S., the countries present, called to choose a side in the matter. The EU announced back measures if no new elections are organized. Venezuela refuses: “No power can the fate of our country to dictate.’

The American minister of Foreign affairs, Mike Pompeo, the UN security council convened on Venezuela. Although Russia attempted to cross, found the USA enough countries prepared for a meeting. In the margin thereof sent to Federica Mogherini, the head of the foreign policy of the EU, a declaration to the world in which they Venezuela called for a ” free, transparent and credible’ presidential elections, and a government to choose who really is the will of the citizens it represents.

‘In the absence of an announcement in the coming days about the organization of new elections, with the necessary guarantees, the EU will take further steps, inter alia, with regard to the recognition of the leadership of the country in accordance with article 233 of the Venezuelan constitution, ” said Mogherini.

Earlier Saturday, also raised Great Britain, France, Germany and Spain issued an ultimatum to Maduro. They said opponent Juan Guaido president will acknowledge if within the week no elections are announced.

The Venezuelan minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza points the requirements of the hand: ‘Give Europe us eight days? Where do you come from that you have the power to make an ultimatum to a sovereign people?’ “No power can the fate of our country to dictate,” he said Saturday in the UN Security council during a meeting about the political crisis in Venezuela.

‘Venezuela no one will allow us a decision or order to impose, ” said Arreaza. “We will be the path of our democracy continue to follow’.


Messages in the American media and tweets from the American vice-president Mike Pence and secretary of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo evidence according to Arreaza that America was behind the ‘coup’ of opponent Juan Guaido. He showed the members of the Security council a graph showing the increase showed the number of tweets about Venezuela by the Us government.

He follows thus the discourse of the Russian ambassador to the United Nations. Who has ” the United States and their allies’ accused the Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro ‘to want to overthrow.

In his answer to the accusation of a coup to want to commit, said the American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo that the regime of Maduro and his people for years suppressed. More than 3 million Venezuelans have fled their country, the region destabilizes.

He called on the countries present at the Security council in order to choose a side and interim president Guaido to support.

President Juan Guaido called himself Wednesday to interim president, after the parliament re-election of president Nicolás Maduro illegal had called.

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