Two-year Julen was found dead in a hundred meter deep shaft

Almost two weeks after the Spanish nursery Julen in the area of Malaga, in the south of Spain, in a one hundred meter deep shaft fell, in the night from Friday to Saturday, his lifeless body is found.

When miners in the night from Friday to Saturday, finally the shaft is reached where the boy had fallen, was to 01.25 hours his lifeless body is found on about 70 meters depth.

Julen was made on 13 January in the village of Totalan in a shaft of less than 25 to 30 inches wide and 107 metres deep cases.

The reddingswerken were much more difficult than expected. So did the presence of a large rock under the ground the past weekend, additional delay, and it appeared Tuesday that the parallel vertical shaft to be tilted was dug, making the tubes that the pit against collapse needed to protect halfway hung up. There would have to be drilled, while time inexorably wegtikte.


When a achtkoppig team of miners Thursday in the drilled shaft could descend to the four-meter-long horizontal connection to dig them to the boy had to lead, it seemed a matter of hours, maybe a day. Friday but pushed them extremely hard stone, the use of explosives necessitated. To four times, had a mini-explosion to make sure that the tunnel is further excavated.

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