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The city of Ghent complaint against private museumdirectrice

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In the dossier on the controversial Russian art in the Museum of Fine Arts, the city of Ghent filed a complaint against Catherine de Zegher and the Foundation of Dieleghem.

About a year after ten specialists in this newspaper, their doubts have been expressed about 26 loans, the Russian avant-garde art (DS 15 January 2018), the city of Ghent a complaint with a civil action. She does so against its former director, Catherine de Zegher, who was then the Museum of Fine Arts led. The complaint is also directed against the Foundation of Dieleghem, where owner Igor Toporovski are works of art housed. The initiative for the complaint comes from the schepencollege, confirms the current ships of Culture Sami Souguir (Open VLD).

After the case was begun, were the loans from the museum removed. At the beginning of march last year, De Zegher suspended as museumdirectrice. Two weeks later the collection was seized by the investigating judge.

Accordingly, The Zegher two complaints to its suspension to fight. The first, at the Agency for Domestic Administration, meanwhile, decides that he no effect. The second, at the Council of State, now leads to a counter-offensive of the city of Ghent.

‘In preparation of the complaint, there are a lot of documents and once again e-mailed, ” says Souguir. ‘On the basis of that information, there are with our legal service, serious suspicions arise of schriftvervalsing.’

The main emphasis of the loan agreement. The document was signed on 18 October 2017 – two days for the Russian art accessible to the public in the museum.

‘However, there are indications that the document only after January 15, 2018 has been prepared, “says Souguir,” so after the case into the public arena. That would mean that the geantidateerd is and that there is schriftvervalsing. Ms. De Zegher has this document been submitted in the cultuurcommissie. Then she would the councillors have lied.’

The city further noted that there is an element missing in the loan agreement. “On behalf of the city is the only document signed by ms. De Zegher. There is no signature of the director of the Autonomous Municipal company.’ The document, that we could refer to it, contains a line for the business director of the AGB, Arts and Design, but that is empty remained.

‘In view of the suspicions of antidatering there is uncertainty about the insurance, ” says Souguir. ‘That was at the expense of the lender (Foundation Dieleghem, red). The question is whether the work than all that time for the loan agreement are not insured.”

The city has the complaint remitted to the examining magistrate. That showed last night to know not to communicate about the case. Catherine de Zegher and the lawyer of Igor Toporovski were not accessible.

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